The Astrology Company: January 2015 Newsletter

January 2015
By Bob Mulligan

Happy New Year - 2015

This Year brings great joy, opportunity, and challenge.  Uranus (god of revolution) and Pluto (lord of karma) make their final Square in March but will continue to influence the whole year.  This will keep us on our toes and guessing what will happen next.  The Semi-Square between Saturn and Pluto will influence the summer and early fall as the fighting throughout the world will really heat up.  Here are a few interesting developments in 2015 that open new doors for collective debate: 1) Data mining and the right to privacy pits the growth of civilization against the integrity of the individual.  This shows the ongoing struggle to understand how and why we are all connected with each other. 2) Energy policy and global warming show how we as a united world want a result that does not mirror our actions. We are led to find a new way through old problems.  Fuel cell cars and hybrids will start having a noticeable impact on how transportation can function more efficiently. Our ways of communicating will continue to become faster and cheaper (anything, anywhere, anytime, to anyone). For the USA the economy will expand and lessons of the strengths and limitations of free enterprise as well as central planning become more evident.  We take one more step toward genuine global cooperation. 3) Geopolitical tensions remain but become increasingly more instructive; Israel, Ukraine, Russia, China, each has a lesson to teach conscious people this year.

Through the whole month of January we experience a mixture of seriousness and lighthearted expectation that goes with the beginning of a new year. Because Saturn (ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius) is now in Sagittarius (sign of higher consciousness) the serious tone which is emphasized with the Sun in Capricorn then Aquarius, is now seen for a purpose.  With Mars (god of personal assertion) in Aquarius then Pisces, our leading actions come through our  idealized self.  When our visions are in tune with the way the world really works we have great opportunity to bring goodness to others.  We have "reality testing" of this principle around the middle of the month.  Mercury turns Retrograde on January 21st. This give the last 10 days of January an editorial vibration.  With Mercury in Aquarius our thoughts, feelings and actions are aimed at establishing something new out of our recurring patterns.  This meta-consciousness gives us ample opportunity for a new self awareness.

This Full Moon January 4th 11:54 PM EST on the 14th degree of Cancer and is in exact Square to the Full Moon of April 2014.  Because this happens in Square to the Lunar Nodes we will be pressured to resolve deep karmic conflicts.  Pluto (lord of the underworld) Conjuncts the Sun and Opposes the Moon, while Uranus (Conjunct the South Node of the Moon) Squares both.  We are forced to reevaluate past actions and design a new course of action. Mercury and Venus are Conjunct (showing unity of head and heart) and Sextile Saturn (lord of discipline).  We must be patient and act prudently, even through with Mars (god of war) opposite Jupiter (king of the gods) we are prompted to act precipitously.   Even though caution in our everyday lives is required, external circumstances force us to act.

Sun enters Aquarius January 20th at 4:44 AM EST. The Moon is applying to the Contra-parallel of Jupiter just before entering Aquarius.  This indicates that some last minute luck over the next Solar month can change circumstances enough that we are able to shift our stance on things we have been trying to clear up from the past. Because the Moon is at the tail end of Capricorn (Sign of responsibility) practical steps must be taken now. Rewards for correct action will unfold through the next few months.

New Moon on January 20th at 8:14 AM EST at zero degree of Aquarius. Even though Aquarius is the sign of innovation and we have the ongoing Square of Uranus to Pluto (encouraging revolution), the New Moon is Sextile Saturn, reminding us to take careful, practical, measured steps.  Mars (god of desire) is conjunct Neptune (god of culture) showing that we are apt to hold on to our higher ideals; because this Conjunction Squares Saturn (lord of karma) we have the special need to make sure our ideals are really in tune with reality.

From the 1st to the 4th a competitive edginess pushes us to explore new avenues.  We have the expectation that we can remake our lives now.  Unexpected events have a way of changing our direction.

From the 5th to the 11th it's all about finding a new pathway in our relationships. We build new alliances as we let go of some habitual connections. Being our real selves while maintaining a position of importance in other people's lives requires some self revelation.

From the 12th to the 18th we find our ideals clashing with the current circumstances.  Getting what we want may not make us genuinely happy. Hard work is not enough to bring us to our goals; we need clarity of purpose.

From the 19th to the 25th we need to correct our course of action.  Learning moderation and the art of instinctive self discipline bring us insight.  If we make our spiritual development our first consideration when making plans, we are able to correct past mistakes.

From the 26th to the 31st we gain new insights as our attitude softens toward our friends and family.  This is an important time for being with the ones we love the most.  Strength comes from putting the needs of others first.

1st – Thursday – Mars Opposite Jupiter - We are easily swept up into a nervous tension of the day.  We are off on a new adventure as the New Year holds so much promise.

2nd – Friday – Mars Contra-parallel Jupiter, Sun Parallel Mercury - Overextension can get us into trouble.  We need to be careful what we assert or promise now.

3rd – Saturday – Sun Square Uranus, Venus enters Aquarius, Sun Conjunct Pluto - The tension in the universal picture can have such a strong impact on our consciousness that we end up making hasty and poor choices.  Our best course of action now is to just observe and wait.

4th – Sunday – Venus Sextile Saturn, Mercury enters Aquarius, the Full Moon is at 11:54 PM EST on the 14th degree of Cancer - We have an opportunity to get a new work/home balance.  Its best to look for new methods for handling time, but also by going deeper we can understand our conflicting needs.

5th – Monday – Mercury Sextile Saturn - Organizing our thoughts and finding the middle path between different and competing goals allows us to come to a new level of self-understanding.

6th – Tuesday –Venus Parallel Pluto, Sun Semi-square Saturn - Any compulsive behavior can expose us to disappointment and limitations.  We can move forward and benefit if we are slow, methodical, and capable or facing our fears.

7th – Wednesday – Venus Semi-sextile Neptune - Our reach can exceed our grasp but there we hold some ideals that are worth putting forth even if their manifestation is a ways off.  Allow innate creativity to flourish.

8th – Thursday – Mercury Parallel Pluto, Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune - We have a plethora of different thoughts; we need to concentrate on integrating the help that is offered to us today without being overrun by petty concerns.  It is a skill to capture the most important insights, then apply them.

9th – Friday – Mars Semi-square Uranus - Strange impulses can disrupt our rhythm and make it hard to complete the tasks at hand.  It's time that we all ask the question: Am I doing what I really want to be doing?  It's time for a change; the only question now is what magnitude are we talking about.

10th – Saturday – Mercury Parallel Venus, Mars Semi-square Pluto - Paying attention to the goodness in the world and to the kindness shown to us assists in taking the edge off some conflict.  Group interests do not always agree with personal preferences.  We need to see what our feelings of irritation can reveal to us.

11th – Sunday – Sun Semi-square Neptune, Sun Quincunx Jupiter - We can see what we want but not necessarily what is good for us.  This can be a learning experience as we sift through the various desires and interests that grab our attention.  Pay attention to the real needs of the moment and life is fun.  Overindulgence can spell trouble.

12th – Monday – Mercury Parallel Saturn, Mares enters Pisces - We can be interrupted in the course of our regular work by intervening influences.  Our good intentions can be sidetracked if we are distracted.

13th – Tuesday – Venus Parallel Saturn, Venus Sextiles Uranus - Our important relationships are up for some adjustment today. With effort we find a balance between duty and adventure.

14th – Wednesday – Mercury Sextile Uranus, Venus Semi-sextile Pluto - Be willing to try something new.  A series of possible options can give us a new direction in life. List, take note, then follow where the heart leads.

15th – Thursday – Mars Square Saturn, Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto - Hard work alone will not bring us the results we seek.  We may feel that we are just running in place without any forward movement.  Humility does more than self assertion to help us move forward.

16th – Friday – It's time to take flight. The spirit of adventure can bring us a new brand of excitement.  This can be a game changer.  We are in a test of our faith.

17th – Saturday – We can accomplish much in a short time.  Be willing to take chances and ask for what is most important.  With a little finesse we can shape our interactions and attitudes.

18th – Sunday – Sun Parallel Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter - Necessary tasks are accomplished with ease when we trust our intuition.  With a little sincere searching we find the right path today.

19th – Monday – Venus Opposite Jupiter, Mars Conjunct Neptune - Creativity and passion can be at an all time high.  Be careful where you put your energy as things are not as they seem.  Our ideals may be stronger than our energy.  We accomplish more when we pace ourselves.

20th – Tuesday – The Sun enters Aquarius, the New Moon is at 8:14 AM EST on the first degree on Aquarius, Mars Parallel Neptune, Venus contra-parallel Jupiter - Great hope emerges through all of the false starts.  We can see clearly now. By the process of elimination we can get on the right track to accomplish something wonderful.

21st – Wednesday – Mercury turns retrograde - Short term gains are at odds with our long term greater good.  Look toward the future and decide what you really want. Then the path is clear.  We may have to rethink our major strategy for living.

22nd – Thursday – Our dreams collide with current facts.  Holding on to a vision of truth that runs counter to the society we live in can be a doorway to helping others reach a new understanding of life.

23rd – Friday – The Sun Sextile Saturn - We may have all the right ideas but lack the organization to make things happen.  Now is a perfect time to get our sequencing correct.  The greater task of perfecting ourselves takes a giant step forward if we follow the obvious path.

24th – Saturday – A jolt of energy can get our feet moving and we can take some practical steps to put our life in order.  This is a great time for planning.

25th – Sunday – Mercury Parallel Venus, Sun Parallel Saturn, Venus Semi-square Uranus- take some chances. Head and heart move together easily and if we aim at material results first we will be successful.  New people entering our life can add to our fun.

26th – Monday – Sun Semi-sextile Neptune, Venus Semi-square Pluto - Collectively we can see a better world as a real possibility.  Building something real and of universal value starts by having a dream, then asking "Why Not?"

27th – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto, Venus enters Pisces - Both old and new friends can be important resources and great allies.  Common goals help bring about unity of effort.  Keep looking up and something good will happen.

28th – Wednesday – Mercury Sextile Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Mars - OK, so we have great ideas and the enthusiasm to follow them.  We do best if we test the water and try a prototype. After we find what works, we can go all in.

29th – Thursday – Mars Semi-sextile Uranus - Unconscious impulses and our urge for freedom can put us in an untenable situation.  Self control can help us keep our feet on safe ground.  Life is unfolding some new possibilities.

30th – Friday – Venus Square Saturn, Mars Sextile Pluto, Sun Conjunct Mercury - Our defensive attitudes can stop us from reaping the bountiful harvest of the day.  Rewards coming now have been in the works for a long time.  Take time to listen to others; they have something important to tell.

31st – Saturday – Artistic, bold, and adventuresome impulses are colored by our emotional needs to spend time with family and close friends.  Be creative and express the side of your personality that genuinely wants to bond with others.

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