The Astrology Company: July 2016 Newsletter

July 2016
By Bob Mulligan
(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

At first glance, the month of July looks much more peaceful than the first half of 2016.  This is both right and wrong.  True, there are no major outer planetary patterns coming to exactitude during the next 30 days. With the Sun transiting in the two personal and emotional signs (Cancer and Leo; mother and child) we see many aspects of our personal lives absorbing much of our attention all month. However, there are a couple of long acting planetary patterns that, although past their exact formation, they linger and are being activated by the more personal inner planets. Most notably, the Uranus Square to Pluto (which was exact seven times from 2012-2015) will affect us all personally as Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus make aspects to this Square. This combination tests the limits of revolution as Uranus is the lord of infinite intelligence and Pluto is lord of life and death. This conflict between these vast universal principles are being absorbed into our personal lives. Also, the lingering Saturn Square Neptune of June 18th will have an on again off again affect from periodic triggering by the personal planets all month.  Saturn governs the principle of restriction while Neptune rules our ideals.  We continue to limit our expression of values which have not withstood the test of time.  The byproduct of this aspect can be clarity which comes through clearing away outdated ideas, ideals, and beliefs.  This can lead to a real transformation of values.

The New Moon on the 4th of July is at 7:02 AM EDT at 12 degrees of Cancer.  Mercury (thinking) and Venus (feeling) are close to the New Moon and all are Opposite Pluto (lord of life and death).  We may feel the pressure of circumstances beyond our apparent making; forcing us to clarify our position with our family, friends, and close associations.  However, every other planet in our normal pantheon makes some important aspect to this collection in Cancer.  The bottom line?  Passions, personal feelings, and empathy will all be running at an unusually high pitch of intensity.  The luck of last month lingers encouraging us to embrace the people we know need us the most.

The Full Moon on July 19th is at 6:57 PM EDT at 27 degrees of Cancer/Capricorn.  Mars, Trining the Sun and Sextiling the Moon, promises to release a tremendous amount of energy over the next few days.  With Uranus Squaring the Sun and Moon this releasing is likely to be violent. With Mercury (communication) Conjunct Venus (harmony) in Leo (sign of self awareness), opinions expressed at this time are likely to be timely and passionate.  With this Conjunction Trining Saturn (lord of discipline) ideas are likely to be well thought out.  We may all be confronted with a barrage of information. We may want to "give peace a chance" with the Sun and Moon sitting on the Midpoint of Neptune (ideals) and Saturn (facts).  However, given the general mood of the world, the best we can do is look up; raising our consciousness is the only solution.

The Sun enters Leo on July 22nd at 5:31 AM EDT.  With the Moon on Zero degrees of Pisces, last having crossed over Pluto and next crossing over Neptune, we can find  the temperament of the world suddenly changing.  We are saying goodbye to something important in our life while embracing a new reality.  We are taking a leap of faith.  We are headed in a new direction.  This chart has no air in it, indicating that intermediate reasoning will go out the window and we will jump.  Fire and water dominate the chart so for the next solar month we will be motivated primarily by our emotional impulses, moods, and feelings.  This is a great time to reflect in order to understand our deeper urges.  We need to examine the way we translate our emotions into actions.

From the 1st through the 3rd our natural tenancy is to feel optimistic about life and to have  confidence in our ability to make good use of the weekend.  Emotional currency is the medium of exchange as we shift gears in our thinking.

From the 4th through the 10th relationships become the most important category in each of our lives.  Even though we may feel shy about putting ourselves forward, exploring unknown territory in our communications reveals interpersonal joy that is there for the asking.

From the 11th through the 17th some frustrations emerge as we find difficulty in clarifying our obligations and emotional needs.  It is hard to see what is necessary when information seems to come from many conflicting directions.  Diligence is required; we must check our sources.

From the 18th through the 24th although the atmosphere is surcharged with excitement and a feeling of inevitability seems to surround all public happenings, we need to be true to our own inner convictions.  Staying on a steady course of action is both the most appropriate method for getting our work done, as well as promoting our growth in the process.

From the 25th through the 31st after intense excitement people around us seem to calm down.  Common sense starts to exercise some control over runaway emotions.  It is good that we do the right thing, but we need to act with love and not fear.

1st – Friday – Venus Sextile Jupiter -  A feeling of well-being and emotional security provides comfort.  Because we are standing on firm ground, we are able to take the next step.

2nd – Saturday – Sun Quincunx Saturn - Adding anything else to our list of commitments can prevent us from completing tasks at hand.  Growth comes by limiting involvements.

3rd – Sunday – Sun Trine Neptune, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars - Instinctive alignment with our natural roots gives a sense of aliveness.  Only commitment to our permanent values can keep us on the right course of action.  We will not convince others of anything if their conversation makes us angry.

4th – Monday – The New Moon is on the 12th degree of Cancer at  7:02 AM EDT, Mercury Quincunx Saturn -  Logic will not reveal the inner truth of our current situation. This is a great time to start a new enterprise we've been dreaming about.  Be willing to take the initial steps.

5th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Venus, Mercury Trine Neptune -  Creativity emerges naturally in our interactions as others are in a receptive mood.  This is a good time to follow an artistic pursuit. Psychic perceptions can put us in tune with the movement of the culture.

6th – Wednesday – Venus Trine Mars, Sun Conjunct Mercury - The warm glow of close bonding with a romantic partner can give us a feeling of security.  Speaking our truth without expectations can be a good method for building bridges.

7th – Thursday – Mercury Opposite Pluto, Venus Square Uranus, Sun Opposite Pluto -  Two things we need to keep in mind; one, sometimes compromise isn't possible; two, the urge for freedom can put security at risk.  Being a good follower is not a sign of weakness but of true leadership.  Confrontation may be a necessary stage of waking up.

8th – Friday – Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn -  Emotional limitations can be overcome through self honesty and finding common ground with our loved ones.  New insight can be discovered by looking into past events, and our own pattern of behavior. 

9th – Saturday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune -  Several projects we have had in motion can come to a happy conclusion.  Getting closure at the appropriate moment allows us to put the past really behind us and to unfold a new pathway.

10th – Sunday – Sun Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Trine Mars - Enthusiasm and courage allows us to promote ideas close to our heart.  Although we may be very involved with our own tasks, important information comes from others.  We need to listen.

11th – Monday – Mercury Square Uranus, Venus Contra-parallel Mars, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn -  Great ideas may seem to languish when we have to work so hard to express them to others.  Organization of our various plans comes easy when we are willing to integrate our lives with the larger community.  Sometimes slowing down allows us to get with the flow of events.

12th – Tuesday –  Venus Enters Leo, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus Contra-parallel Pluto -  Writing a novel is different than putting together a budget proposal for our boss.  As long as we know the difference we can keep our need for embellishment separate from our need for honesty.  Both logic and creativity find expression in our lives.  Feelings run deep; tread lightly.

13th – Wednesday – Mercury Enters Leo - Sensitivity to our own creative process can help us open to the understanding of others.  The urge to express can cross-pollinate with our need for propriety and privacy thus giving us the right combination to communicate with clarity and compassion.

14th – Thursday – Mars Quincunx Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Mars, Mercury Contra-parallel Mars, Sun Parallel Mercury - Lots of juggling behind the scenes gives us ample opportunity to rectify or reorganize our thinking. We can't control world events, or the behavior of others; however, we have won a great victory if we control our own anger, angst, and impulses.

15th – Friday – Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Venus Contra-parallel Saturn, Mercury Semi-square Jupiter -  Our well intended enthusiasm can easily lead us into unsustainable overindulgence. We need to both check our facts before speaking, and to assess our appetite before committing to a course of action.  Success comes through finding the middle way, where neither a grandiose vision nor fear end up controlling us.

16th – Saturday – Sun Square Uranus, Mercury Conjunct Venus, Sun Contra-parallel Pluto, Sun Trine Mars -  An inner need to break with the status quo can propel us forward. Right actions require both courage and proper motivation.  Good impulse control allows us to channel our energy effectively.

17th – Sunday – Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn -  There is virtue in knowing when enough is enough.  Frustration emerges when we strive for unobtainable perfection.  Common sense helps us limit our options and deal effectively with the real limitation of time.

18th – Monday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury Parallel Venus - Even though the unexpected keeps interrupting our advancement, our best strategy is to stay true to our current direction.  More unites us than separates us.  Finding common ground is simply a byproduct of remembering who we really are.

19th – Tuesday – Mercury Trine Saturn, the Full Moon is at 6:57 PM EDT on the 27th degree of Cancer/Capricorn, Mercury Quincunx Neptune -  Changing gears is a way of adjusting expectations.  If we are satisfied with achieving our expressed goals and relinquish any additional offerings that spontaneously appear, we are blessed.  Complications, confusion, and disappointments emerge if our reach exceeds our grasp.

20th – Wednesday –  Venus Trine Saturn -  Love and commitment reinforce and enliven each other.  Respect allows us to recognize our partner's uniqueness. "There is a candle in your heart, ready to be kindled.  There is a void in your soul ready to be filled." - Rumi

21st – Thursday – Sun Contra-parallel Saturn, Venus Quincunx Neptune -  Keeping our heads down and our attention on what must be done releases genuine creativity.  We can see more than we can materialize or even understand.  Being faithful to our commitments brings self knowledge.

22nd – Friday –  Mercury Quincunx Pluto, the Sun Enters Leo -  We turn the page as new emotional energy thrives in our current environment.  We only suffer if we refuse to discard our past addictive behavior.  We are offered a chance to begin again.

23rd – Saturday – So many things try to gain our attention.  We only fail if we are caught up in a pattern of continually changing our mind and direction.  Any course of action will bring results if we just hold to it long enough to see it through to conclusion.

24th – Sunday –  Venus Quincunx Pluto, Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter -  Now is a time for trade outs; we give up one thing to gain another.  Ah, the things we do for love.  Assessing the relative value of the various components of our lives can lead to the recognition of our intrinsic worth.

25th – Monday – Love, beauty, and all desirable things emerge when we are honest with ourselves.  Passions can spell trouble, this is a dreamy time and it's best to relax.  However, we can communicate a higher truth when our feelings are genuine and pointed in the right direction.   Inspiration explodes as we initiate a simple and direct course of action.

26th – Tuesday – It's time to evaluate what we have done.  Where are we going and what is the value of what we are creating?  Some fine tuning may be more appropriate than instigating sweeping change.  We all live with the results of our past actions.

27th – Wednesday – Mercury Trine Uranus -  Flashes of intuition show us a path for resolving difficulties.  Seeing the truth and realizing it are not the same thing...but, it is a good beginning.

28th – Thursday – Being stuck may be a signal to just rest and take note of the circumstances.  Thinking can be productive if it's not repetitive.  There is an emotional unfolding that can give us genuine aid, if we but recognize it.

29th – Friday – Sun Semi-square Jupiter, Mercury Square Mars, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter, Uranus turns Retrograde -  Being overly committed to a point of view can spell trouble.  Tolerance is learned in stages.  This is a good time to take the next step.  One path is closed but another is revealed.

30th – Saturday – Mercury enters Virgo, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto -  Digging deep into a subject can be challenging but rewarding.  Ultimate truths about a subject are not for the faint hearted.  Our explorations, while seemingly very practical, can lead us way beyond our comfort zone.

31st - Sunday - Venus Trine Uranus - We can stretch much further than we might have imagined.  Our need for freedom and independence means that our attractions may lack long term substance.  Still, the excitement of a new love can help us see some larger truth about life.

Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Visit our web site,

This last month has been a real pleasure as well as a time of change. Visiting San Diego was a joy.  My daughter Katie and my dog Teddy are doing fine. They live in La Jolla while I was staying with long time friends (Annette and Roger) who live along the south side of Balboa Park.  I connected with clients that I hadn't seen in person since 2004. All five of my children called on Father's Day and I received mail within days as well.

My life is at the cross roads.  I've just gone through a very difficult time which lasted several years.  Now, that things are going more smoothly, I'm confronted with many options.  Spend more time in India, build a house there?  Move into a larger place here in Naples?.  Spend more time in San Diego? See more clients?  See fewer clients and spend more time reading and writing? Decisions.

Well, years ago, 2004, my Spiritual Master, Meher Baba, told me to not release any more books until I wrote this book on using astrology for spiritual development.  At the time I thought it to either be an impossible task, or one that I would finish very soon. I was wrong.  Every time I feel that I'm coming down the home stretch something new occurs to me that upsets the plan.  Postponements seem infinite.

After this book is done, there are others that could come along quickly because the writing is already done: my correspondence school texts, astrological tokens, a book on the professional practice, Life with Meher Baba, etc. 

We all have so much to be grateful for.  Now that I'm in the land of expanded options, I realize that I'm happy just where I am.  Buy another big house, a new car, or a myriad of other material distractions holds no interest. Enough!  Now, I only want what furthers the work.  "Live simply, so others might simply live." - Gandhi

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