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December 2014
By Bob Mulligan

There is so much stellar activity in this month that we never seem to really get our balance. The first half of the month is very innovating, uplifting and inspiring; while the second half is pensive, inward, and reality testing.  Saturn (lord of tradition) Sesquiquadrate Uranus (god of revolution) on the 3rd challenges us to relinquish old habits or suffer.  Jupiter turns retrograde on the 8th encouraging us to retrace the way we have been expressing ourselves.  We are lifted to new heights of enthusiasm as Venus, Mercury, and the Sun Trine Jupiter (lord of abundance) between the 4th and the 14th.  On the 15th we  have the Uranus Square Pluto.  This is the 6th Square in a series of 7. This sets a pattern of change into motion, yet again.
Uranus turns direct on December 21st as the Sun moves into Capricorn, reminding us to look for unique circumstances even as we go into the most conservative time of year.

The Full Moon is on December 6th at 7:27 AM on the 14th degree of Gemini/Sagittarius. The benign influence of Venus (goddess of love) Trining Jupiter (king of the gods) gives us confidences and latitude to experiment.  With the Sun Conjunct Mercury and with both Trine Uranus (lord of infinite intelligence) innovation and new styles of expression have a way of furthering our cause.  This month will allow us to fulfill some aspect of our current plan.

Sun enters Capricorn at 6:04 PM EST on December 21st. This is the Winter Solstice and the chart shows circumstances for this solar month but also general conditions in the world over the next three months.  The Moon in this chart is void of course and on the 28th degree of Sagittarius.  Saturn is on the last degree of Capricorn.  These factors show tremendous ability to grow spiritually and also that we are ending something of  long standing importance. Uranus turns direct just 18 minutes before the Solstice so we can see that we are being primed to take new risks and to innovate.

The New Moon on December 21st is at zero degrees of Capricorn at 8:35 PM EST. With half of the planetary pantheon in Capricorn and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) on the last degree of Scorpio, we can see this is a month for completing responsibilities and learning important lessons. The Sextile from Sun, Moon, and Mercury to Neptune shows the support we get from the cosmos for living out our higher vision of truth.

From the 1st to the 7th we are dodging the debris flying around.  Collateral damage is everywhere.  Still is a very lucky, if intense, week.  Hanging loose and remembering what you are really doing is the way to profit for the very forceful changes.

From the 8th to the 14th inner development is the gateway to outer success. Creativity flows easy and we have access to resources that are usually less available. Stick to your major points of interest even as you drink in the abundance of the moment.

From the 15th to the 21st everything gets shaken up again.  Just as we are adjusting to a new reality, everything changes one more time.  Now is the best time to look for ways to alter primary patterns between ourselves and our closest companions.

From the 22nd to the 31st there is a somber tone hanging over even joyful occasions. Opportunities to gain understanding as well as progress on worldly projects is available now; the trick to obtaining lasting progress is to be proportional with the current reality.

1st – Monday – Mars Sextile Saturn, Sun Parallel Mars - We enter December with both caution and enthusiasm. All the struggles of the recent past were just preparation for the wild ride in front of us.  The world is transforming before our eyes.

2nd – Tuesday –Mercury Parallel Mars, Sun Parallel Mercury - This is a most beautiful time for aligning our thoughts, feelings, and behavior.  To have our full attention on what we are doing is the surest method for achieving success.

3rd – Wednesday – Saturn Sesquiquadrate Uranus - Worlds collide and we are caught in the middle.  Practical concerns of everyday life seem insignificant as the lure of better yet untested methodologies beckon us. Even though we should strive to be responsible, we must be open to innovation.

4th – Thursday – Sun Semi-sextile Pluto, Venus Trine Jupiter, Sun Trine Uranus, Mars enter Aquarius - Goodness and mercy seem to pour down from the sky; our job is to catch it and put it to use.

5th – Friday – Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto, Mercury Trine Uranus - Opportunity abounds and so many new ideals seem attractive.  We do best to be spontaneous.  We need to avoid frittering away time in indecision. Be clear on what you want, ultimately.

6th – Saturday – The Full Moon at 7:27 AM EST on the 14th degree of Gemini/Sagittarius - We may feel the spirit of adventure and believe that the excitement of the moment is the new norm.  It isn't.  We are transitioning from high voltage energy to a more sedate pattern.  The next few days will be relatively quiet. Today starts a brief time of integration.

7th – Sunday – Home, family, and friends occupy us. It is best if we reacquaint ourselves with our ultimate values. Our ideals have a way of softening our feeling so we can be more receptive to other people's point of view.

8th – Monday –Sun Conjunct Mercury, Jupiter turns Retrograde - Although this is a day of insulation made for reflection, we need to be careful that we don't become so locked into our own point of view that we miss the obvious.

9th – Tuesday – Venus Semi-sextile Saturn, Mars Parallel Pluto, Mercury Parallel Venus, Mercury Semi-square Mars - If we are too assertive in our close relationships we push people away.  Finding the right words to express our true feelings can help mend damaged connections but only if our heart is in genuinely kind territory.

10th – Wednesday – Venus enters Capricorn - There are real opportunities to bridge the gap between warring factions.  However, it requires a combination of reserve and keeping an eye out for unique circumstances.

11th – Thursday – Mars Semi-sextile Neptune -  Timing is excellent and conditions are favorable.  Any activity can get off to a profound start.  We present ourselves in the best possible light...this doesn't guarantee success, it just gives us the best possible hearing.

12th – Friday – Mercury Trine Jupiter - After we have made a plunge in a new direction, we have the good fortune to have the time to handle details. Creativity expands, we must be careful to separate real talent from wishful thinking.  It is easy to get caught up in an illusion and end up wasting time.  Do some reality testing.

13th – Saturday – Interruptions can divert our attention and lead us astray.  If we make brutally practical issues the central theme our path stays true.

14th – Sunday – Sun Semi-square Mars, Sun Trine Jupiter, Venus Sextile Neptune - We attract others because we are optimistic and confident.  Romantic and artistic relationships benefit by our cheerful contribution to the day.  We need to have faith that trying something new is ok.

15th – Monday – Uranus Square Pluto - Working in groups can present difficulties.  However, we know what we must achive and can get to our goal if we just put our head down and drive forward.  If we bare no malice toward others we can repair misunderstandings in a few days.

16th – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury enters Capricorn - Fear and faith are in conflict.  It is very difficult to get our head and heart working together.  Change has been so rapid that our logical mind is stumped as to what to do.  Our emotions see the future and our thoughts are stuck in the past. If consensus can't be reached then postpone major decisions for a few days.

17th – Wednesday – Emotional impulses tend to guide our decisions and our actions. A leap of faith is called for.  We need to let our ideals be the guide to our behavior.

18th – Thursday – If we find the correct response to overtures coming from our partners we may just get a second chance to straighten out misunderstandings. These are stressful times and it requires patience in order to find lasting solutions.

19th – Friday – Venus Semi-sextile Mars - Working toward common goals helps us repair relationships today.  At the very least, giving and receiving pleasantries makes life brighter.

20th – Saturday – Mercury Sextile Neptune, Venus Square Uranus, Venus Conjunct Pluto, Mars Sextile Uranus, Mars Parallel Saturn - The emotional impact of being lifted up and thrown down in a short time period leaves us all a little on edge. However, it is possible to make sense of our lives now by putting current experiences in perspective. It's time to make comprehensive plans.

21st – Sunday – Mars Semi-sextile Pluto, Sun Semi-sextile Saturn, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Uranus turns direct, Sun enters Capricorn, the New Moon is at Zero degrees of Capricorn at 8:35 PM EST - The afterglow of new information is having a deep resonance in our lives.  The ripple effect of recent changes is altering our behavior, living situation, key relationships, and our career. Small steps in the right direction means more than big leaps into unknown territory.  Humility pays dividends, pride and arrogance spells trouble.

22nd – Monday – Venus Semi-square Saturn - Real love can only blossom when we overcome our fears. We are whining up an old pattern now; we have reached the last moment for getting away with the same old tricks. The brave let go of the past when overcoming worries.

23rd – Tuesday – Saturn enter Sagittarius - Freedom is calling us and we need to be willing to let go of the restrains of the past.  Chronic difficulties can wear us down to the point that we give up; let the possibilities of a new way of being inspire us.

24th – Wednesday – Sun Parallel Venus, Mercury Square Uranus - Love and anger are both present.  What will we chose to express? The problem is we have brilliant ideas which can't easily be communicated.  Some things need to be kept to ourselves for the moment.

25th – Thursday – Mercury Conjunct Pluto - We can look deep into the inner working of things around us to which we place importance. To use our time wisely we need to be able to put our need for material gain in perspective.  How can we manifest our heart's true desire? To answer this question is to overcome our personal demon.

26th – Friday – Mercury Semi-square Saturn, Venus Semi-square Neptune, Sun Sextile Neptune - Through all our current struggles we either assert our ideals or jump into fantasy.  This is a time of character building.  Expression of compassion allows the goodness of the universe to touch ground.

27th – Saturday – We tend toward a pleasant yet unfocused mode of being today.  This is not necessarily wrong.  so much has just happened it makes some sense or logic to just spend time relaxing and meditating.  We have to digest current experiences.

28th – Sunday – Venus Quincunx Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile Mars, Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter - Right now the big difficulty is to clearly focus our attention in the right manner.  We can easily feel so confident the we over shoot out goals.  this can be like staying at the gambling table and to keep rolling double or nothing until we lose.  If we are smart, we know when to quit.

29th – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Neptune - We may actually imagine things from our past that never happened or we  may distort real events.  Why is this happening? Because the need to see the beautiful in everyday life or the need for self justification can find unconscious shortcuts through escapist fantasy.  Drink in the good from the higher inspiration and let go of the rest.

30th – Tuesday – Mercury Quincunx Jupiter -  Take everything that everyone says to you now with " a grain of salt".  "Slow and steady wins the day" as the saying goes.  Keep your own counsel and trust only the people who have proven their value in the past.

31st – Wednesday – 2014 ends in a happy but relatively low key way.  Peaceful acceptance is the way to avoid conflict and enjoy people and the uniqueness of the moment.

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