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The Astrology Company: August 2016 Newsletter

August 2016
By Bob Mulligan
(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

Let's face it, we are all having to rise above the tides of the world right now. August is dominated by a conflict between our fears and our anger; our job is to rise above both of them.  Each of these negative ingredients prohibit the flow of our higher ideals.  If you are not a little frightened during these exciting times, you are either delusional or enlightened.  Coming to terms with this fear will lead some to anger, but we are better off trying to understand what is going on with ourselves and the world than just reacting.  So, here is a glance at the bigger picture.  Saturn (lord of karma) is moving into a Square with Neptune (god of compassion).  This indicates the general mood of the world now as our fears and hopes are battling it out for control of our consciousness. Mars (god of war) moves into Sagittarius (sign of higher knowledge) and will come to the Conjunction of  Saturn (authority and responsibility).  Unless we feel that we have some method for expressing our true feelings and being heard, our bottled up emotions can create problems (physical health, depression, unproductive behavior, etc.). We can all see these themes played out this month on the canvas of the world stage.  Neptune (lord of illusion) is transiting over the South Node of the Moon (our past).  We are challenged to let go of our fantasies of the "good old days" that never really existed. In turn, we are all called to be more aware, loving, and hopeful.  When our consciousness is filled with love, there is no place for the anger and fear to hide.

The New Moon occurs on August 2nd at 4:45 PM EDT on the 10th degree and 58 minutes of Leo.  The most amazing feature of this New Moon is that it is Conjunct the North Node of the Planet Neptune (lord of infinite bliss). This increases everyone's ideals (or wishful thinking) and gives clarity to a higher vision of the Truth. The Sun (self) is Trining Saturn (discipline) and Quincunx Neptune (ideals) on the Moon's South Node (the past).  We have the capacity to stay disciplined and follow the clearly demarcated lines of engagement in our daily tasks, while being reminded to integrate and grow with our ideals.  The danger now is twofold: that we eliminate anything that seems impractical, "throwing out the baby with the bathwater"; or that we remain slavishly devoted to an outdated version of our vision. We need to be open and to learn more, to update our picture of the Truth.  Mercury (thinking) is Square Mars (impulses) showing a tendency to "jump to conclusions".  Maturity requires harnessing our energy to our common sense.

The Full Moon happens on August 18th at 5:27 AM EDT on Aquarius 25 degrees and 52 minutes. Mars is Conjunct Saturn showing that we need to temper our enthusiasm with a healthy note of practicality. Mercury is Conjunct Jupiter showing our need to align with our innate wisdom. This takes place in Virgo (sign of detail) so we have an extra nudge toward mundane tasks.  Higher knowledge can enlighten and enliven our work.  Venus (goddess of love) is Conjunct the North Node of the Moon (the future) and Trine Pluto (lord of extremes). We must follow our dreams while keeping our feet firmly planted in the collective sense of reality.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 22nd at 12:39 AM EDT. Mercury (orientation) in his own sign Virgo (repeatable tasks) and is Conjunct both Jupiter (king of the gods) and Venus (goddess of love).   Since the North Node of the Moon (dharma) is also here, this is the clearest indication possible that we are asked to clear up lingering obligations on the earth plane during this solar month.  The Moon is in Aries and Void of Course showing further that we have already been given what we need in order to go forward. Our biggest challenge now is to not make things more complicated than they need to be.  We must keep focused on the essentials and be diligent. Slow but steady progress insures very positive results.

From the 1st to the 7th we are flooded with new information and must separate what is useful from distractions.  The quicker we can fulfill our responsibilities the more time there is for fun.

From the 8th to the 14th a laser like focus is needed to get through each day and feel great about what we have accomplished. We can be in for an emotional rollercoaster if our basic commitments are in question. Otherwise, new and exciting involvements can alter our love life giving us a new perspective.

From the 15th to the 21st there is real need to keep a practical outlook.  Brilliant flashes of insight can bring a new joy to everyday tasks.  Coupling our desire for innovation to the tangible, time bound world helps us achieve.

From the 22nd to the 31st hurry up and wait is the temperament of the week.  New ideas, situations, and people are calling us, but have we been thorough in handling our regular job?  At the last minute, several things will invite a second look.  Ultimately, we have to review where we have been.

1st – Monday – Sun Trine Saturn - Sticking to prearranged plans brings satisfaction and success.  Staying  disciplined and asking more from ourselves makes the time go faster.  This is a good day for meditating and planning. Clean up household projects.

2nd – Tuesday – Mars enters Sagittarius, the New Moon is on the 10th degree of Leo at 4:45 PM EDT -  Too many options can cloud our vision.  Set intentions for the coming month and be willing to make changes when necessary.  Pay attention to love interests and give expression to creative urges.

3rd – Wednesday – Sun Quincunx Neptune, Mars Semi-square Pluto - We need to clarify our picture of what a perfect outcome should look like. Arguments approach us; our overall understanding of ourselves and others grows if we are nimble enough to avoid hostile words and attitudes.

4th – Thursday – Mercury Parallel Uranus -  Quick reactions to changing circumstances can simplify our lives now.  But, think before answering routine questions.  Innovative and clear answers can establish a new way of dealing with people.

5th – Friday – Venus enters Virgo, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto -  As long as we have our eye on tangible results, our creative imagination can lead the way.  Misunderstandings can be cleared up if we are honest and forgiving of other people's sharp edges.

6th – Saturday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury Square Saturn, Venus Square Mars - Being misunderstood is never pleasant but it can be particularly painful when it involves people we are closest to.  Patience and calm are called for. We get a better outcome when we are considerate of others, and are willing to wait for them to come along.

7th – Sunday – Sun Quincunx Pluto, Mercury Opposite Neptune -  Getting off on the wrong foot can set us back. Let imagination have full sway but avoid taking definitive actions whenever possible right now.

8th – Monday – People that we usually avoid or just don't see, catch our attention. Take time to translate new insights into practical steps.  Life can improve through diplomacy.

9th – Tuesday –  Letting the life of the spirit guide our quest for real beauty brings joy.  Graceful harmony comes when we simplify our demands and just relish in the abundant goodness around us.

10th – Wednesday – Mercury Trine Pluto -  Hidden mysteries are solved when we have resolve, keeping our attention on one thing until it is completed.  Great ideas become physical realities if we are willing to stay with our endeavor until we see results.

11th – Thursday –  Knowing when and what to let go of is the path to fulfillment. Staying lighthearted frees tremendous energy for good.  We are having a moment of joy but we can miss it if our eyes wander.

12th – Friday –  Solutions to long standing (and maybe even forgotten) projects are in plain view now.  We may not be able to resolve current issues in our present state of consciousness.  Waiting a day or so can render a new perspective, and hence a short cut to completion.

13th – Saturday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Jupiter Quincunx Uranus, Saturn turns Direct, Venus Square Saturn, Mercury Parallel Jupiter - Sometimes we know what we should do but it doesn't look very appealing. It's a moment to take another look. Doing the right thing (following the path of duty) can be the mechanism for freeing us.

14th – Sunday – Venus Parallel Uranus, Venus Opposite Neptune -  Following our heart will lead into unknown, and maybe even frightening, territory. Be brave; we are being offered something unique and beautiful.

15th – Monday – Venus Contra-parallel Neptune -  Magical opportunities are available if we are able to step outside our comfort zone.  Life is a grand adventure and this is a moment to live on the edge without regrets.

16th – Tuesday – Sun Trine Uranus - Getting off to a quick start and keeping a detached attitude not only carries us far, it also helps bring others along with our plans.  Even simple tasks can have far reaching implications. A new approach may be just the breath of fresh air we needed.

17th – Wednesday –  Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter, Venus Trine Pluto -  Taking practical steps to formalize current gains is only prudent.  While we have been through storms in the past, one is brewing now; we need to be prepared for the next week or so; unrest approaches.

18th – Thursday – The Full Moon is on the 25th degree of Leo/ Aquarius at 5:27 AM EDT - Hanging on to the most supportive pillars in our lives, and willfully releasing the things that do not fit with our new protocol, gives us a moment ripe with self-awareness.  This is one of those times when we are caught between ideals and practical concerns.  It isn't that we have to stop believing in things not seen, but we do need to reform our belief systems.

19th – Friday – Mercury Quincunx Uranus - Unusual and intermittent interruptions can keep us guessing what to do next.  Conventional thinking will not create stability or reliable progress...yes, we do have to "think outside the box", but we still have to eat, sleep, and fulfill other basic functions.  Dancing is difficult when the music keeps changing.

20th – Saturday – Exaggeration or inflated expectations can leave us with a belly ache.  We see more than can be realistically achieved. Still, it's a great time to converse, make plans, and dream about the future.  Conversations can be most stimulating.

21st – Sunday –  Sure, we can rest today.  But we can also finish something that has been left for those mythical "days off".  Something new emerges when we start rummaging around for practical shortcuts.  If we stay focused, luck finds us.  It's as if an angel has come to help.

22nd – Monday – Mercury Conjunct Jupiter, Sun enters Virgo, Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto - Practical steps taken in a realistic direction bring tangible results.  This is a lucky moment and we should release projects, ideas, good sentiments in every direction we can. As long as we stay true to the prompting of our own conscience, we will end with a genuine feeling of fulfillment.

23rd – Tuesday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus -  Ambitious leaps forward can end with having to go back to the beginning.  Danger can be in our path if we do not exert caution.  Rest is good; hard work lies ahead.

24th – Wednesday –  Mars Conjunct Saturn - Proceed with caution, but keep moving.  We need to share our true feelings now.  Difficulties come when we block the natural flow of energy, conversation, or enthusiasm. Spread joy, be supportive.

25th – Thursday – Venus Quincunx Uranus, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter -  Change is with us; embrace it and be grounded. We know what is right; now we just need to do it.  With a little work our higher wisdom will manifest in our dealings with all.

26th – Friday – Mars Square Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus - Our ideals may be lofty but misguided.  This is a great time to harness our enthusiasm and our passions to common sense.  Conversation and interchange with people outside our common sphere of involvement can help us shape a more realistic approach.

27th – Saturday – Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Venus Parallel Jupiter - OK, does it get any luckier than this? Everything has success written on it; all we have to do is apply the access code, and doors magically open.  Clue number one: help others first.

28th – Sunday –  Domestic matters are where we can make the most impressive use of our time.  Taking care of family and loved ones may be disrupted by unexpected "guests".  This is just another opportunity to expand our awareness.

29th – Monday – Mercury Conjunct Venus, Venus enters Libra -  Love can be expressed in many ways: words, a gesture, an act of kindness.  We are blessed because the day favors established lines of engagement.  We can finish one thing and start another, feeling comfortable in the process.

30th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Uranus, Mercury turns Retrograde - It doesn't get any weirder or any more complicated. Just when we think we are done with something, here it comes again. Contained and practical steps are beneficial. We feel the excitement, now putting this emotion to good use will take some retrofitting.

31st – Wednesday – Sun Contra-parallel Neptune, Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus - We are all swept up in an edgy nervousness.  A new layer of consciousness is descending. Capturing the rapture of the moment and translating into something useful is quite a task.  Compassion is a byproduct of the struggle for consciousness.

Bob Mulligan is available for personal appointments, astrology classes, and astrological material.  Call him at 239-261-2840 or by e-mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Visit our web site, www.theastrologycompany.com

Going to sleep every night, I am grateful that I have a safe and comfortable place to rest. When I'm busy deciding what to have for my next meal, it is impossible to forget that there are so many that don't have the choice to even have a meal....Even when we are struggling to pay bills, we are so much more fortunate than the majority of people on this planet. Part of raising our consciousness has to be raising other people's material circumstances.  Love is a verb and requires activity to be real.

This has been such an intense month for my extended family.  My mom went into hospice a few weeks ago.  She has been in hospice before and made a miraculous recovery each time...So, I'm not necessarily planning to go to her funeral yet.  At the same time, she is 97 and has been an Alzheimer patient for many years.  And, it looks like this time will be it.  We have always been very close, even after her illness took her memory.

In May of 2018 there will be another UAC in Chicago.  This conference is the largest astrology conference in the world, bringing together many organizations.  I have spoken at the last four of these conferences which happens every 4 to 6 years.  This time, however, I was given 2 speaking slots without even applying, because so many people attended my talks at the last UAC in 2012.  So, I'll be submitting my topics next week.

Also, I've been asked to give a workshop in San Diego; timing is still being worked out.  This is really good news because my dog Teddy now lives with my San Diego daughter, Katie.  And here is another opportunity to be with them...and of course, it's always nice to see in person, my friends and clients in Southern California.

Around the edges of the time taken up with seeing clients, reading, studying, and writing this newsletter, I'm writing and editing my book.  I love my work.  This is an exciting time. So many good astrologers are coming along now and I'm grateful to have access to their insights.   Also, I've reconnected with many old friends in the astrology community.   Slowly, I'm coming out of my hermit phase.

Every day I receive links to something of interest on the internet, mostly astrology stuff.  There isn't time to even view them all.  An astrologer in Tampa  sent me the following link. It's a music video.  Trust me, it is worth your time.  Absolutely stunning:

If this doesn't help you remember who you really are, you must be made of stone. But if that were true, you wouldn't be reading this newsletter.

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