The Astrology Company: April 2016 Newsletter

April 2016
By Bob Mulligan
(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

Although the Uranus Square Pluto aspect reached its last of seven exact placements last year, this month will again emphasize the turbulence of this phenomenon.  We will continue to see the universal frustration with, and anger against, the status quo.  The re-evaluation of our major assumptions is shown by the preponderance of mutability and the T-Square involving Neptune, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Nervousness can be the byproduct of inner conflict between our beliefs and our practical concerns.  More information helps but it will probably be next month, under a retrograde Mercury, that we get the pieces of our conflict really sorted out.  Mars turns Retrograde on the 17th of April and remains so until 29th of June.  Mercury turns Retrograde on the 28th, ushering in a period of uncovering past shortcomings.

The New Moon on the 7th at 7:23 AM EDT is on the 18th degree of Aries.  All New Moons have potency; this being the first in the astrological new year, more emphasis is placed on personal initiative.  Mars (lord of individual assertion) is close to Saturn (god of necessity).  They are both in the sign Sagittarius, which rules value.  We are empowered to make great strides now if we choose wisely from the many options in front of us.  This New Moon is Conjunct Uranus (god of infinite intelligence), indicating our ability to embrace new options.  However Uranus (and the New Moon) are Square to Pluto in Capricorn.  This shows a real heating up of the mass discontent with the status quo.  Revolution and abrupt changes of circumstance seem to be the new normal.

The Sun enters Taurus on April 19th.  Taurus is the sign of sedentary repetition, with the collecting and holding on to security.  Venus (ruler of Taurus) is Conjunct Uranus (spontaneous change) in Aries (sign of instantaneous action).   This indicates that what we normally think of as security will be in short supply.  However, Mercury in Taurus is Trine Jupiter in Virgo, showing that we can make real progress if we patiently evaluate what is really necessary and pay attention to details.

The Full Moon is at 1:24 AM EDT April 22nd on the 2nd degree of Taurus/Scorpio.  This is the Buddhist festival of Wesak.  It is considered a powerful time to meditate.  It is now that we are inwardly pitting our desires for the world against our attraction to universal peace. Doing away with illusions allows us to see that "real happiness lies in making others happy" -  Meher Baba.  Although Mercury (lord of thought) in Taurus is very closely Trine the North Node of the Moon (dharma) showing practical application of details to basic factors in life, Venus Conjunct Uranus shows that spontaneous transformation is possible.  We are in the heart of the revolution.

From the 1st through the 3rd there can be frustration trying to clear up left over material from March.  Weekends are usually a time of rest and entertainment but this period may find us putting the finishing touches on something long overdue.

From the 4th through the 10th revolution is in the air but it is hard to get any real traction unless we are self monitoring and invest our energy wisely.  We need to constantly reevaluate our moral ground if we are to improve.

From the 11th through the 17th we push hard to move forward in a new direction.  We spend time getting to the root of problems and working cooperatively to improve our personal relationships.  It's a pivotal time and intentions energized now will have long lasting effects.

From the 18th through the 24th big ideas, hard work, and the spirit of adventure set the tone. We discard what stands in the way of progress and thereby open new possibilities.

From the 25th through the 30th getting the right balance between desires and obligations takes some work.  Time pressure is artificial.  Not everything that could be done now needs to be. Although the path ahead looks difficult, once priorities are set the way becomes clear.  We have the right methods at our disposal, we just need to recognize them.

1st – Friday – Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Mars - Rectifying our thinking is an important component  of self improvement. Confused idealization and fanatic addiction to a point of view can cloud our vision. Values and the methods for implementing them are the same at root.

2nd – Saturday –  Freedom is the quest at the moment.  The day belongs to the adventuresome.  Overindulgence can actually trap us in the past and hamper our ability to find new options.  We want to explore but need to stay efficient.

3rd – Sunday – Mercury Semi-square Neptune -  Our imagination can run away with us.  Caution is required when giving and receiving information.  We have an opportunity to check our facts which gives us inspiration and clarity.

4th – Monday – Mars Parallel Pluto, Sun Quincunx Jupiter -  Tremendous enthusiasm can propel our movements at the start of the day.  Correct evaluation of our situation is necessary later on to secure gains.  We need the necessary follow through to complete our tasks.

5th – Tuesday – Sun Trine Saturn, Venus enters Aries, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Mercury enters Taurus -  Although the wheels of change are turning, we need to stick to our basic game plan in order to be effective.  Our overall direction is clear but we will need to integrate new information as it appears.

6th – Wednesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun Square Pluto -  Pleasant conversation, while useful, may camouflage the underlying complexity of our tasks. Finding correct answers to real situations requires patience and some mental effort.  Disagreements are really only resolved through self examination.

7th – Thursday – Mars Parallel Saturn, the New Moon is on the 18th degree of Aries at 7:23 AM EDT, Sun Parallel Jupiter -  Robust impulsive energy rules the moment.  Breaking away from traditional forms and preconceptions is necessary.  There is an emerging urgency with brilliant moves just ahead.  We live with expectations; set intentions.

8th – Friday – Sun Parallel Uranus -  Our world improves as we follow our dreams.  Some shortcuts to our immediate goals are worthy; take time to recognize real luck and obvious options, then act.

9th – Saturday – Sun Conjunct Uranus -  Sudden shifts in circumstances can be traumatizing.  Sifting through the data of the moment can show us unique opportunities.  Sometimes freedom comes by taking risks.

10th – Sunday – Sun Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Quincunx Mars -  Ideals and passions need to be channeled correctly in order to have any useful impact on our lives.  Although inspiration is present, we may lack clarity. Wait for the confusion to lift before acting.

11th – Monday –  We meet resistance, change directions, and have some self doubt.   Too many apparent options can be confusing.  Just relaxing is the best alternative to taking one's own thoughts too seriously.

12th – Tuesday – Mercury Sextile Neptune, Venus Trine Mars -  Our social impulses are strong and our creative imagination is quite active.  We need to find a wholesome outlet for our impulses in order to be emotionally satisfied.

13th – Wednesday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Mars, Jupiter Parallel Uranus -  Our vitality seems stronger than normal and there is an impulse to try our luck at something; this is great if we don't put anything important at risk.

14th – Thursday – Mercury Trine Jupiter, Venus Semi-sextile Neptune -  We have a opportunity to change something very practical and basic in life. This can be a wonderful improvement. We can make the world a better place today.

15th – Friday – Sun Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Quincunx Saturn -  A certain amount of trial and error will be necessary to find our way today.  Discipline and the will to change can allow us to implement our true values.

16th – Saturday – Venus Quincunx Jupiter - Trying to get things exactly right can really drive us crazy.  The desire for perfection can only be achieved when we have a still mind.

17th – Sunday – Mercury Trine Pluto, Mars turns Retrograde -  Focusing on the most practical results is rewarding.  We start on a long period of evaluating our basic impulses in light of our true ideals.

18th – Monday –  Pluto turns Retrograde, Sun Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Venus Trine Saturn -  It is possible to feel happy and solemn at the same time.  An inner calm is achieved when we relax into the moment.

19th – Tuesday – Venus Square Pluto -  Tranquility can be disturbed by inner conflict.  Negative emotions can disrupt an otherwise beautiful day.  Self mastery is a long journey and our current struggles can reveal much if we are observant.

20th – Wednesday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn -  Subjectively, it can seem as if great effort is expended for not much return.  However, this is an illusion.  We are really moving forward faster than we think.

21st – Thursday – Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn -  Translating good ideas into common practice takes time but will be successful with effort.  We need to be doubly sure that we are fulfilling any promise that we make.

22nd – Friday – The Full Moon is at 1:24 AM EDT on the 12th degree of Taurus/Scorpio, Venus Conjunct Uranus - This initiates a powerful time of letting go of old garbage.  Unconventional thoughts and experiences open us up to new possibilities.

23rd – Saturday – Mercury Semi-sextile Venus -  A kind thought expressed with genuine feeling can make this a brighter day.  News affects our outlook and allows us to reorganize our feelings.

24th – Sunday – Jupiter Parallel Uranus, Venus Parallel Jupiter, Venus Parallel Uranus, Venus Sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune -  Spirited attempts to improve our emotional life are rewarded. Let the person you love the most know that they are special.  Do what is necessary to make the changes needed for emotional continuity.

25th – Monday –  Adventure is in the air and we have fairly abrupt stops and starts; embrace both.  Today will be fun, however overextension can leave us exhausted.  Moderation is needed.

26th – Tuesday – Venus Semi-sextile Neptune -  Artistic performances and expression supply grounding.  Misunderstandings happen when we are not able to integrate our current needs with our history.  Sharing is meaningful when it is from the heart.

27th – Wednesday – Sun Quincunx Mars -  There is a conflict between the practical and the ideal.  We need to take the energy of the moment and find a method for expressing our true feelings, safely.

28th – Thursday –  Mercury turns Retrograde, Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Saturn Parallel Pluto -  Something we have worked on for quite a while will reach its logical conclusion.   Do our efforts need revision or are they just fine as they are?  Now is the time to find out.

29th – Friday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn, Venus enters Taurus -  We go back over familiar ground and do some fine tuning.  A deep sense of pleasure overcomes us when we decide to be self acknowledging.

30th – Saturday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn -  Progress emerges as we are able to overcome a deep sense of lack.  We have enough for what we need.  What is true, important, and necessary is with us.

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The last two months have been quite transformative.  I've made progress on a few writing projects including my book.  However, what is really important to me is that all five of my children are doing well and standing on their own feet, so to speak.

We can only achieve meaningful accomplishments in the outer world when we make important changes in our inner life.  Our birth chart is a statement of what our inner struggles and accomplishments will be for this lifetime.  External events are also shown by our chart, but they are always a reflection of our inner circumstances.  This last month has been a intensification of my own inner work.  I've been preparing for this month for many Moons.  Great opportunity and significant challenges are just in front.

Revolution is present everywhere in the world now...fascinating.  Collectively, people are tired of the way things have been. We suffer most because we end up chasing the illusion that we will find freedom and fulfillment through things in the material world.  As we are in the midst of a gigantic change in consciousness, we can all do our part to think well of each other and let go of anything that imprisons us.

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