The Astrology Company: July 2014 Newsletter

July 2014
By Bob Mulligan

Mercury turns direct on the 1st of July, and sets the stage for a new period of life.  This whole month is one of transition from a long pattern we have been in for the past year, into something new and exciting.  Jupiter (planet of moral insight) moves from Cancer to Leo; Mars (planet of self assertion) moves from Libra to Scorpio. Both planets are gathering more energy and outer world prominence.  Relationships transform, strengthen, or just fall apart. This is a watershed month for all interpersonal connections both in private and in public life.

The Full Moon occurs July 12th at 7:24 AM EDT on the 20th degree of Cancer/Capricorn.  Because we have the remnants of the Grand Cross involved with the Sun and Moon, we are pulled in several directions at once.  We may find ourselves doing things that must be done but that our heart is not really feeling.  Getting our connections straight may mean looking at what is working and what is not.  This will require us throwing away things that we have outgrown and nurturing some new developments.  Sudden interruptions and fits of anger can unset an already complicated time in our lives.

The New Moon is on July 26th at 6:41 PM EDT on the 3rd degree of Leo.  Jupiter (king of the gods) is Conjunct the New Moon; Mars (god of war) is Square them.  Both Jupiter and Mars have just switched signs.  We are putting some new markers down in our lives and we feel that we are establishing different footing for going forward.  This is a lucky month but also a time of high intensity and powerful emotions. Getting everyone working together is difficult but rewarding.  Much effort is required to accomplish seemingly simple tasks. Venus is Opposite Pluto in this map showing that we are struggling to allow our sensitive, receptive nature to express herself without losing hold of our authenticity.

The Sun moves into Leo on July 22nd at 5:42 PM EDT. The Moon at this moment is in Gemini Sextile Uranus and Quincunx Saturn.  This shows that the Solar month will be one of excitement with lots of changes in circumstances and a constant striving to find what is real.  We have obligations that if they are not met we will suffer.  Also we need to be clear on the things that are not ours.  Let others fulfill their own responsibilities.  The Sun being Conjunct Jupiter shows we are moved forward on a wave of genuine buoyancy; if we are observant and honest we can exercise our ability to self correct.

From the 1st to the 6th a new impulse carries us forward.  We are under the influence of so many people and circumstances in our environment, then suddenly everything shifts. We feel freer and happier.

From the 7th to the 13th key relationships and how we connect with people and the world in general are our focus. We ought to take time and make time for the ones who make our lives brighter.  Higher consciousness is found through sharing.

From the 14th to the 20th in the process of trying to manifest an ideal we can find new strength in our own inner life.  Belief in ourselves is necessary to really trust others.  We are sharpening our mental and emotional tools.

From the 21st to the 27th nervous energy and apparent changes in circumstances propel us forward.  In the midst of many interruptions and disruptions we have an epiphany. Outer changes are a reflection of our inner life.

From the 28th to the 31st when things fall apart we have an opportunity to see deeper into our own inner processes.  Circumstances in the world get turned on their head but this allows us to see how very fortunate we really are.

1st – Tuesday – Mercury turns Direct, Sun Semi-sextile Venus - Things don't go as planned.  Take small steps toward the desired goal and don't be distracted by other options.  Know what you want and stick to it.

2nd – Wednesday – Although we can see some beautiful far away ideals, progress is achieved by welding our intentions to exacting procedures.  Repetition brings results.  The important thing now is to keep moving.

3rd – Thursday – Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Venus Quincunx Pluto - We are in trouble if we try to accomplish too many things simultaneously.   Our best strategy is to admit what we really want and then be satisfied.  Our top priority is obtainable but we must be able to see when enough has been achieved and then stop.  Over indulgence can upend us and lead to critical setbacks.  Nothing to excess is the path to happiness.

4th – Friday – Venus Parallel Jupiter, Sun Opposite Pluto - We have a warm feeling that things are working out our way.  However, it is necessary to us to embrace our past triumphs and failures honestly in order to develop the strength for what is required of us now.

5th – Saturday – Tremendous  energy can be expelled trying to achieve balance and harmony today.  Some misunderstanding can be worked out through effort and persistency.  Still, there is a residue of discomfort which is hard to dissipate.  It is best to accept the interruptions and turbulence and enjoy the uniqueness of the moment.

6th - Sunday – We all tend to be in an accommodating mood.  It is possible to create something new and beautiful now.  Conversations can have a way of sparking new ideals and helping to resolve old issues.

7th – Monday – Venus Sextile Uranus, Venus Quincunx Saturn
- Emotional ups and downs give us a ride to a new destination.  This can be a perfect time for profitable introspection.  We need to be fearless as we face change.

8th – Tuesday – Sun Square Uranus, Sun Trine Saturn - Impulses can get the best of us as we attempt to both tread the narrow way as well as explore our new found freedom.  Discipline and creativity work together.

9th – Wednesday – Good intentions and high mindedness are necessary but not sufficient in order to make a positive impact on the society. It is easy to overextend ourselves.  Seeing a distant goal is different than obtaining it.

10th – Thursday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun Parallel Venus, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto - Passions tend to override reason.  Being with others may require some compromise in expression.  It is possible to be friends with people who hold a different opinion on life's basic factors without surrendering our ideals.

11th – Friday – Mars Parallel Neptune, Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter - Forced harmony is not very comfortable or even lasting.  We need to do some negotiating in order to move forward.  Last minute adjustments can be made if we keep an open mind.  Narrow thinking can trap us into a no win situation.  Be willing to make new friends.

12th – Saturday – The Full Moon is at 7:25 AM EDT on the 20th degree of Cancer/Capricorn, Mercury Parallel Jupiter -  In the midst of all the activity it is possible to become realigned with our higher purpose.  We do best if we are not distracted by worldly events but instead stay focused on what is truly important.

13th – Sunday – Mercury enters Cancer, Venus Trine Mars - Lingering misunderstandings can be dissolved in the positive energy of the moment.  This is a great time to court a new love or to put attention on the people we value most.  Positive self expression is heightened.

14th – Monday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn - We see a cherished vision of the truth on a distant horizon but have difficulties coordinating the practical concerns of our everyday life.  Bringing thoughts and actions into clear attunement requires consistent effort.

15th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Mercury - If you are able to spend time with your closest companions and just enjoy life you are in tune with the day.  If you are far afield from your closest love associations then just stay relaxed as much as possible.  We tend to think in overly subjective ways now.

16th – Wednesday – Jupiter enters Leo - Energy soars and we can easily ride a wave of spontaneous enthusiasm.  It is possible to swiftly achieve some long sought after goal.

17th – Thursday – Circumstances around us develop quickly.  Everyone seems to be in a hurry.  There is an impermanence to everything.  One idea and one plan seems to dissolve into another without much fanfare.  The world seems more tentative.

18th – Friday – Venus enters Cancer, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter - Nostalgic feelings pull us toward the past and at the same time we all seem to have some faith in the future.  This is a good time to spend with family.

19th – Saturday – Mercury Trine Neptune, Sun Square Mars, Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn - It is easy to feel lifted by moments of inspiration but difficult to connect with others. Aggressive urges as well as fears get in the way of being open and available to others. Conversation can be the avenue to higher consciousness and a way to overcome personal deficiencies.

20th – Sunday – Jupiter Contra-parallel Pluto, Saturn turns Direct - We are caught between big plans and feelings of limitation.  Learning to calibrate the speed of development is the path to sustained growth.  We are happiest when we balance responsibilities with opportunities.

21st – Monday – Sun Contra-parallel Pluto, Uranus turns Retrograde - Self reliance is important but we need to recognize the contribution that others make to our lives.  It is easy to blame others for self imposed limitations.  Projects in front of us are simpler than we are making them. We feel validated when we take basic procedures as our guiding light.

22nd – Tuesday – Mercury Opposite Pluto, Sun Parallel Jupiter, Sun enters Leo - A combination of mistrust of others and supreme self-confidence can spell trouble. Take time to gather new information and be willing to change.

23rd – Wednesday – Focusing on our personal lives can help alleviate the stress created in our public life.  Spend time with people who are comforting.

24th – Thursday – Venus Trine Neptune, Sun Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury Square Uranus, Mercury Trine Saturn - We can take a big jump forward.  We need to have a clear picture of where we want to go then have faith and leap.  We are most satisfied with our movements if we stay on the traditionally proven road.  If we wander into new territory we may end of having to start over.

25th – Friday – Mars enters Scorpio - We are flooded with memories of days gone by.  Allowing our feelings to reign over our logic is important as this is the time for venting our deepest impulses.  Logic is not dead, just overpowered for the moment.

26th – Saturday – The New Moon is on the 3rd degree of Leo at 6:43 PM EDT - We have been searching for a deeper meaning in all our actions.  This is the moment to realize that a new beginning only requires being willing to let go of the past.  Even though there is a tentative feeling to events we are able to move forward through the sheer force of will.

27th – Sunday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune - It is possible to start in a new mental direction now by just being open the rush of new people and circumstances around us.  Confusion is overcome by continually refocusing on the larger goal which is quite visible now.

28th – Monday – Venus Opposite Pluto - Self control is necessary in order to get in the right rhythm of the day.  Compulsive relationships are not satisfying; strive for balance.

29th – Tuesday – Sun Quincunx Neptune - Spiritual insight may inspire but emotional impulses may be out of proportion to the circumstances.  Sincerity of purpose and a spirit of inclusiveness can help create the right atmosphere.

30th – Wednesday – Critical thinking and shared thoughts give purpose to a day of deeper self involvement.  Meditation can help sort out conflicting tendencies.

31st – Thursday – Mercury enters Leo, Venus Squares Uranus - A rapid change of focus correlates with new people and interests coming into our lives.  A fresh look at old problems shows us a way forward.

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