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April 2014
By Bob Mulligan

The whole month of April is under the spell of the fifth of seven Uranus Pluto Squares.  This combination picks up tremendous pressure because Jupiter and Mars enter and complete the Grand Cross between the 20th and the 23rd.  This pattern is in the middle of the Cardinal signs showing that the effects are likely to be physical and manifest globally.  However, since this is a relatively rare phenomenon its manifestation will be over several months and lasting well into the fall. Personal changes this month will be massive. Collectively, we have entered the period of the shift in global consciousness; our sense of time and space will be altered for a while as we adjust to the sweeping changes that will leave the world in an improved condition.

On April 15th we have the Full Moon (which is a total lunar eclipse) at 3:43 AM EDT on the 25th degree of Aries / Libra. Even though there is much turbulence in the sky as the Grand Cross of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto is in force and getting ready to manifest; Venus (goddess of love and beauty) is with Neptune (god of culture) and in Trine to Jupiter (lord of abundance).  This shows that if we act in accordance with our perception of love, we can rise above the gathering storm.

On April 29th we have a New Moon solar eclipse at 2:15 AM EDT on the 8th degree of Taurus.  The Sun and Moon are with Mercury and Trine Pluto and Sextile Jupiter.  This is the time to reconnect with the earth and take stock of what needs to be done to preserve life.  Old structures are passing away and new habits need to be instilled in order to establish a better way for people to relate to each other and the cosmos.  This is the way out of our problems.  The seeds of rebirth are being planted now.

The Sun enters Taurus April 19th at 11:56 PM EDT.  The Moon is Trining the Sun from Capricorn showing that an undercurrent of measured practical steps can keep us afloat during turbulent times. With Venus Trine Jupiter in water signs (which rule empathy) our timing is best if we follow our emotional instincts; Saturn (lord of karma) in Scorpio, loosely Trines both, completing a Grand Trine in water. This pattern shows that we will need to be patient in order to navigate through a difficult time. Venus in Pisces is also Sextile Pluto reminding us to stick to our true feelings and be willing to stand firm in our choices.

From the 1st to the 6th both our emotional as well as our mental life are up for reappraisal.  Establishing equilibrium is tedious as there is much confusion.  With effort our key relationships reach a new plateau. 

From the 7th to the 13th we are in a hurry to create something new or to straighten out old issues.  There is so much turbulence it is hard to move forward.  Mistakes made now will have to be corrected but it may take some time.  Do your best to just enjoy the excitement.

From the 14th to the 20th we are caught in a tunnel of events and it is best not to fight the flow of time.  Gradually we will learn to align our lives with the changing circumstances.

From the 21st to the 27th change sweeps over us and we are caught up in the feeling that something bigger than our own lives is working its way through our culture.  Decisions made in haste have a way of becoming permanent.  Sometimes doing nothing is best.

From the 28th to the 30th our mental processes stabilize and our emotional life becomes more recognizable and enjoyable.  Take the time to make plans and to clear up misunderstandings.  There are people in our lives that require our attention; we are happiest when we give it freely.

1st – Tuesday – Sun Square Jupiter, Mercury Parallel Mars –  Quick responses to life’s circumstances are necessary but we need to enjoy each other without over-commitment.  We can suffer from trying to do too much.  Our impulsiveness can put us at a disadvantage.

2nd – Wednesday – Sun Conjunct Uranus, Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury Quincunx Mars, Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun Contra-parallel Mercury, Mercury Trine Saturn – Running at full speed can be dangerous and exhausting.  Exceptional circumstances can have us working overtime and we are tempted to stretch beyond our capacity.  Relinquish the idea of needing to do everything and take on the most important projects.

3rd – Thursday – Sun Square Pluto, Venus Semi-square Uranus – Deep conflicts are the backdrop to the present uncertainty.  Taking the time to understand the darker aspects of our own nature can play a role in freeing us to do better.

4th – Friday – Sun Contra-parallel Mars, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus, Venus Semi-square Pluto – Past controversial decisions surface giving us an opportunity to rectify matters.  Feelings run deep and only real innovation can possibly shift the focus to something more pleasant.

5th – Saturday – Venus enters Pisces - Building pressure relaxes and we find some peace by taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of the day.  Home, family, and close ones are the mechanisms to get us settled in our own center of gravity.

6th - Sunday – Minor disruptions only add a little excitement to a pleasant day.  Sensitivity to other people’s needs, attitudes, and behavior can be balanced against the pull of our own immediate interests.

7th – Monday – Mercury enters Aries - Thoughts move ahead of actions.  New ideas provide motivation but common sense weighs in and can keep us in a form of deliberation for today.

8th – Tuesday – Sun Opposite Mars – Unrecognized or acknowledged anger can siphon the joy out of the day and put us into needless confrontations.  Self disclosure, when intelligent and genuine, can be very healing.

9th – Wednesday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Mars, Venus Parallel Neptune - Our timing may be a little off but our basic drives are for an ideal.  Passions provide motivation for pursuing relationships but we are only successful when we are clear; we need to be certain about what we really want.

10th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-sextile Venus – Good intentions can still create problems.  We may assert ourselves and then find that we need to edit our offerings while moving on to other things.  It may take extra work to compensate for the edginess of others.

11th – Friday – Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun Semi-square Neptune, Sun Quincunx Saturn, Venus Conjunct Neptune – This is the time to put all of our energy into our vision of the truth.  Getting our timing aligned can be a little confusing, but we move forward if we face our errors and correct for them. A compassionate picture of real beauty can emerge through artistic expression.

12th – Saturday – Sun Contra-parallel Venus – Are we willing to pay the price of consensus?  Togetherness has a cost but it also has benefits.  Kindness and real sharing can heal old wounds.

13th – Sunday –Mars Contra-parallel Uranus – Disruptive but exciting moments can reveal some deep underlying discomfort with our current situation.  We make peace with others by establishing common ground and not by acting in anger.  Minor corrections can have great affect on everyone’s mood.

14th – Monday – Mercury Square Jupiter, Mercury Conjunct Uranus, Pluto turns Retrograde, Sun Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Square Pluto – Jumping to conclusions can have a negative impact; it is best to just watch the day unfold.  There is real resistance to taking action as others may switch opinions a few times during a conversation.  It is good to help others but not at the cost of completing our own work.

15th – Tuesday – The Full Moon is at 3:43 AM EDT on the 25th degree of Aries / Libra, Sun Semi-square Venus, Mercury Contra-parallel Mars – For communications to be really successful we need to make sure our initial words convey our literal intentions.  Think before speaking and digest before reacting.  Loose words can create unintended consequences.

16th – Wednesday – Mercury Parallel Uranus, Mercury Opposite Mars – Stress builds up when our thoughts are unsettled. Innovation is good and new ideas can help solve real problems, however, this is not the best moment to see what needs to be done.  Anger is the enemy of progress; get peaceful and happy before acting.

17th – Thursday – Venus Trine Jupiter, Venus Semi-sextile Uranus – Take a chance on something or someone new.  There is luck in the air and we need to be willing to take the next step.  Life is good and we have a place in it.  Spread the joy around.

18th – Friday – Venus Sextile Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus – By taking action we become aware of how much our thoughts and feelings influence others.  This is a time to build alliances.

19th – Saturday – Mercury Quincunx Saturn, Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Venus Quincunx Mars, Sun enters Taurus – Gauging other people’s perspective can be hard enough but now it is even difficult to appraise what our own needs require. Slow down and watch as our immediate environment changes.  World events can absorb our attention.

20th – Sunday – Jupiter Square Uranus, Jupiter Opposite Pluto – Whatever we breathe life into will tend to grow rapidly and favorably.  Don’t be afraid of the thunder, lightning, or rain. This is a period of great change and now is the beginning of a long process.

21st – Monday – Uranus Square Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune – Our expectations may be out of alignment with the literal possibilities of the day.  A great amount of force seems to power every assertion.  We get further by staying relaxed and responding to life cautiously.

22nd – Tuesday – Mars Square Jupiter - We are in a hurry but it’s ok to move quickly.  Many tasks can be completed; make progress by prioritizing and taking one thing at a time.

23rd – Wednesday – Mars Opposite Uranus, Mercury enters Taurus,  Mars Square Pluto, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus – We can inadvertently rupture key relationships by being in too big a hurry or by being too forceful.  Take time to be clear with people and be willing to try a new approach.

24th – Thursday – There may be confusion but at least people are in a pleasant mood.  Aim for stability because progress requires consistency now.

25th – Friday – Venus Trine Saturn, Sun Conjunct Mercury -  It is important to take inventory.  Look to the people you have always been able to rely on and see if you can offer them some assistance.  There are people in your network that can use a helping hand. 

26th – Saturday – Mercury Sextile Neptune, Sun Parallel Mercury - We are on an upward trajectory.  Stability of thought doesn’t mean a closed mind.  We may be able to see clearly what the next step is that needs to be taken.

27th – Sunday – Sun Sextile Neptune, Mercury Semi-square Venus -  Even when there are difficulties getting people together for a relaxing day, there is a joyful tranquility in nature. We can adjust to a new rhythm of the universe by being patient.

28th – Monday – Venus Parallel Mars, Mercury Quincunx Mars, Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn – Delays can be frustrating but life is good if we remember what is really important.  Don’t take other people’s impatience and harsh words personally.

29th – Tuesday – The New Moon is at 2:15 AM EDT on the 8th Degree of Taurus, Mercury Trine Pluto, Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus - We revisit recent events and then take a moment to reflect.  Now it is time to come to terms with our own emotional nature then move on. 

30th – Wednesday – Mercury Sextile Jupiter - Good judgment and good will can establish a new foundation for our most cherished projects. Even though there are serious efforts to create harmony, there remain some unresolved issues in our relationships.  As we are changing there are adjacent movements in the way we connect with people.

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