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August 2014
By Bob Mulligan

The whole month of August is one of excitement. Although the affairs of the world continue, the majority of us will be concentrating on our personal lives.  The numerous Mercury aspects at the beginning of the month show that we are in a problem solving mood.  Venus and Mars are in a dance with each other in the last part of the month showing our focus on relationships.  This is a time for digesting the events of the last two years; it is also a breather before we head into a very turbulent fall.

The Full Moon occurs on August 10th at 2:09 PM EDT on the 18th degree of Leo/Aquarius.  Two major impulses are with us now.  On one hand Uranus (lord of spontaneity) is Trine to the Sun and Sextile the Moon; he is encouraging us to throw aside old ideas and try something new. On the other hand we have Saturn (lord of karma) which is Squaring the Sun and Moon; he is asking us to make sure we have handled all of our responsibilities.  It is a balancing act to overcome both fear and impatience.  Timing is the key to moving forward.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 23rd at 12:46 AM EDT.  In this map we have Mars Conjunct Saturn, Jupiter Conjunct the Moon and Mercury Trine Pluto.   This shows that we will have difficulty with timing over the next solar month but we have great optimism and the ability to probe deeply for answers.  We will change methods in order to accomplish basic tasks.  Learning new procedures will become part of our everyday life.

The New Moon is on August 25th at 10:12 AM EDT on the 2nd degree of Virgo.  Venus (goddess of love) is Square to Mars (god of war) and Saturn (lord of barriers).  This may be a difficult month emotionally.  We have to work harder to let our loved ones know that we care.  Anxiety and fear can follow us making it harder to accomplish tasks.  Mercury (messenger of the gods) is in Sextile to the Mars/Saturn Conjunction; this indicates that reasoning and communication are necessary in order to feel comfortable throughout this month.

From the 1st through the 3rd we have lots of new ideas and a feeling that everything in life is working out just fine.  This is a time for putting troubles behind us and getting on with our plans.

From the 4th through the 10th there is tremendous mental stimulation.  We are able to make great progress quickly on several projects.  New opportunities open in front of us and there are people with us to help.

From the 11th through the 17th our impulses can get the better of us.  Conflicting desires can intercede and prevent us from completing some important tasks. Focusing on our most important goals is the way to achieve.

From the 18th through the 24th we are riding the crest of a wave. Enthusiasm abounds; we are led to some primary change in circumstances.  Relationships are the key to the pleasant circumstances.  Our relationships can create pleasant events. This is a time to really enjoy the people in our lives.

From the 25th through the 31st the alchemy of the moment may allow us to move from a series of long standing problems to a new perspective.  The only danger is that in the name of progress we may actually go into a pattern of avoidance which can spell trouble later on.  The cure for denial is personal honesty and clinging to our own higher truth.

1st – Friday – Venus Trine Saturn, Mars Square Jupiter - Trusting the people who have always been reliable is a smart strategy.  Taking risks that lead to emotional extremes may not give the desired or expected results.  Choose carefully; our abundant energy will go somewhere; make it productive.

2nd – Saturday – Mercury Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury Square Mars - Big ideas can lead to big trouble if we jump to conclusions and engage in arguments.  Be empirical and gather new facts; there will be time to act later on.

3rd – Sunday – Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Sun Quincunx Pluto - Events may point to a need to reorganize our thoughts and approaches.  We proceed best when we are able to monitor our manner of expression.  We may be driven to establish a sense of power or may feel victimized by another's need to be powerful.  Recognizing and overcoming our own weaknesses is the way home.

4th – Monday – Mercury Quincunx Neptune, Mercury Parallel Jupiter - It's a day of mental dreaming and emotional difficulties.  We are rapidly expanding our picture of the possible and at the same time experiencing limitations of time and energy.  An underlying enthusiasm can prompt us to share our insights freely with others.

5th – Tuesday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune - Creativity is powerful but personal relationships can suffer from misunderstanding and subterfuge.  Concentrate energy on nurturing impulses and the road to clarity will emerge.

6th – Wednesday – Mercury Quincunx Pluto - Problems look bigger than they really are.  Being overly self confident with a lack of good judgment can spell trouble.  Be willing to try something new.

7th – Thursday – Mars Parallel Saturn, Mars Trine Neptune - Bringing great ideas to fruition requires attention, persistence, and good timing.  Trust your intuitions and then stick to proven methods.

8th – Friday – Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury Trine Uranus, Sun Trine Uranus, Mercury Square Saturn - Tremendous mental energy is expended trying to find solutions to everyday problems.  There is a great reward for taking a leap forward then consolidating.             

9th – Saturday – Sun Square Saturn - A little discipline can go a long way toward helping us achieve something important.  When we are willing to look at our emotional blocks we see how we create our own suffering.

10th – Sunday – Sun Contra-parallel Mars, the Full Moon is at 2:09 PM EDT on the 18th degree of Leo/Aquarius - Tempers can easily flare as feelings are more stirred up than usual.  We are happiest when we take time to really understand our own contradictions.  Much can be achieved quickly when our attention is correctly focused.

11th – Monday – Mercury Contra-parallel Mars - Quick thoughts and actions can move us swiftly forward.  The danger here is that our impulses may be short sighted and combative.  Undigested anger can bring trouble; conflict is a symptom of a deeper issue.  Be willing to look.

12th – Tuesday – Venus enters Leo, Sun Contra-parallel Saturn, Venus Contra-parallel Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn - It is possible to get a new insight and to re-organize some aspect of our lives right now.  Being open hearted and brave allows us to take steps we may have been afraid of.  Now is the time. 

13th – Wednesday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto - It's all a matter of focus.  If we are able to look intelligently at a problem we can see deeply into its origin today. If we are swept away with interpersonal relationship difficulties we suffer.  Going it alone may be the best strategy.

14th – Thursday – An abrupt turn of events can reveal new opportunities.  When we are quick to act we make rapid progress.  Emotional overreach can leave us with more obligations than we care to fulfill.  Be careful when making promises.

15th – Friday – Jupiter Quincunx Neptune, Mars Sextile Pluto, Mercury enters Virgo - A little organization and real effort put into traditional channels goes a long way to keeping us on track today.  We see more than can be accomplished. We are happiest when we put the most important tasks at the top of our list. 

16th – Saturday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus - Good ideas emerge but timing is off.  Getting people, thoughts, and movements properly sequenced is difficult.  Best to take note of information but wait to act.

17th – Sunday – Venus Quincunx Neptune - Because feelings are all over the map, our judgment may not be stellar.  This is not a good moment to make personal sacrifices in the name of love.  Observing our feelings is more beneficial than acting on them.

18th – Monday – Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Venus Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Opposite Neptune - There is a danger of being overly optimistic; yes, luck is present and there is a warm glow to the day.  However, we see what we imagine more than what is.  Be circumspect with anything that requires action.

19th – Tuesday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto,  Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter, Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune - Explosive feelings and deep repressed issues can come to the surface and create real disruption.  It is quite difficult to see clearly.  We struggle to align our visions of truth and beauty with our present circumstances.

20th – Wednesday – Mystical insight as well as foggy thinking hangs over the day.  This can be a pleasant time with family and for just relaxing.  Take care of things around the house.

21st – Thursday – Venus Quincunx Pluto, Mercury Trine Pluto - While we have mental clarity there is some emotional upheaval.  Getting things done seems easy as long as we stay focused on immediate tasks and don't get distracted.

22nd – Friday – Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Venus Contra-parallel Mars - We work to find the right words to accomplish some new tasks before us today.  Passions are stirred up but there is some difficulty making the right connections.  This can be a pleasant day if we pay attention to other people's moods.

23rd – Saturday – Sun enters Virgo, Mars Quincunx Uranus - We have many pleasant moments and accomplish exactly what we set out to do. Home, family and friends are heartwarming.  We are on the edge of inspiration. 

24th – Sunday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury Quincunx Uranus - We must put up with a certain amount of instability and insecurity today.  On the other hand, the spontaneity of events and the uniqueness of insights give us great opportunity to create something beautiful.

25th – Monday – Mercury Sextile Mars, Venus Trine Uranus, Mercury Parallel Uranus, Mercury Sextile Saturn, the New Moon at 10:13 AM EDT on the 2nd degree of Virgo, Mars Conjunct Saturn - Keen perceptions and emotional turbulence bring us a new start. We are off on a new footing now. Even though the past is gone and we are reaching out to an uncertain future, it is difficult to get our timing right.  Keep in motion. Breathe.

26th – Tuesday – Mars Contra-parallel Jupiter, Venus Square Saturn - Adjustments must be made in order to keep peace with our significant other and close friends.  Overcoming any latent fears really helps smooth out the path to permanency in important relationships. Conversation improves our connections.

27th – Wednesday – Venus Square Mars, Sun Contra-parallel Neptune - Emotions boil over; we are passionate and there is an edge to everything that we do today.  We need to stay focused on our highest ideals and remain calm.  This can be a day of making friends.

28th – Thursday – Relationships are rough unless we are able to find the magic key of keeping our attention exclusively on the positive ingredients between us.  Be ready for change; life in general is preparing for a big shift.  As our society develops a new consciousness we must adapt.

29th – Friday – Sun Opposite Neptune, Mercury Semi-square Jupiter - Others are not as they appear to be.  We may feel that we are lied to, or taken advantage of.  Be prepared to make a course correction; we need to be careful to not overstate the case when we are conveying information.

30th – Saturday – Venus Contra-parallel Saturn - If we are focused on tasks that really need to be accomplished it gives our lives a sense of purpose. Relaxing is difficult and enjoyable activities seem to have a seriousness to them.  Be patient with others who are slow to come along with the project of the moment.

31st – Sunday – We may be lost in deep ruminations and it can be the perfect moment to gather our thoughts, make a plan, and meditate. Timing can be thrown off when we try to put ideas into motion.  Enjoy a quiet inner space.

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