The Astrology Company: July 2015 Newsletter

July 2015
By Bob Mulligan

The month of July begins with Venus (goddess of love) Conjunct Jupiter (king of the gods) in the sign Leo (the stage).  There is great harmony in the moment and the trick is to make it last...The first half of July contains a string of good aspects, and with Jupiter and Venus in Leo, makes for relative ease. This combination sets the tone for much needed fun.  Mars (planet of assertion) is in Cancer (sign of historical roots). Consequently, all acts of self assertion come with a certain amount of personal baggage.  During the first half of the month this is not so problematic as long as we keep to a schedule of completing things already set in motion.  However, the New Moon on the 16th puts us in a time period which requires initiative.  This leaves us with tasks that seem to require more time, energy, and resources than we have at our disposal.  The key to making these last two weeks of July work for us is to pace ourselves, doing the most important things first....there will be several projects planned for completion by the end of the month; they'll take longer. Venus turns Retrograde on the 25th at zero degrees of Virgo. During her 43 day Retrograde cycle we will have the opportunity to review our emotional life, making changes along the way.  Past associates show up now either symbolically or actually. 

The Full Moon July 1st occurs at 10:19 PM EDT on 9 degrees 55 minutes of Cancer/Capricorn.  The Sun is Conjunct Mars (god of war) and the Moon is Conjunct Pluto (our shadow).  This Full Moon will emphasize the stress between our emotional roots (Cancer) and our need to accomplish (Capricorn).  Cancer is the family and Capricorn is the state.  Concerns of personal vs. public good can be in the forefront.  What sacrifices are we willing to make for the good of everyone else?

The New Moon on July 15th is on the 23rd degree of Cancer at 9:24 PM EDT.  This New Moon is Square Uranus (uniqueness) and Trine Saturn (lord of karma).  Mercury (god of information) and Mars (desire) are Conjunct and Opposite Pluto (infinite power).  Life is easier for us when we follow a well worn path but there will be interruptions and revolution in the process of getting anything done.  The stress and violence inherent in the world situation can be mediated by holding on courageously to a higher value symbolized by the Trine of Mercury/Mars (fervently held thoughts) to Neptune (lord of compassion). With six out of ten planetary deities in water signs (empathy) we will find ourselves surrounded by emotional people for good or ill.  Our task is to make sure that our own feelings are harnessed to something positive.

The Sun enters Leo July 22nd at 11:31 PM EDT.  The most telling feature of this map is the Sun Conjunct Mercury Trining  Saturn, promising hard steady work with progress coming through consistent effort.  With the Moon Opposite Uranus and both Square Mars and Pluto we are in for some sudden surprises. This indicates that the general mood of the public (Moon) shifts ground suddenly (Uranus) as a reaction to violence (Mars Opposite Pluto). Residual efforts to placate warring factions may be less successful than we would hope. The next four weeks may be a quiet testing of our emotional stamina and patience.

The Full Moon in Leo/Aquarius is at 7 degrees 55 minutes
July 31st at 6:42 AM EDT. This Opposition points to the tension between doing our own thing and working collectively.  This, however, is a moment when partnership will have practical value for all of us.  The Jupiter/Venus Conjunction Squares Saturn (barriers) indicating that we need to ground our values and wishes in some practical evaluations of our real situation.  Mars (force) Trine Saturn (results) shows that consistent effort will bring success, but the Moon having last passed over Pluto and next to pass over Neptune shows that we will have to abandon some long held beliefs in order to grow.  The Moon's Trine to her Node in Libra reminds us that people are necessary component to our development. Our cherished partners and friends are essential to our lives.

From the 1st to the 5th the general mood is upbeat with a continuous party atmosphere.  This is a good time for relaxing and enjoying one another.  Yes, there are responsibilities to be handled and the world events continue to unfold.  Still, we need to pay attention to the finer aspects of our own lives.

From the 6th to the 12th our ideals and higher values keep our spirits light.  There are rivers to be crossed and much needs to be done in a relatively short period of time, but help is available when we reach out.  And some things can be left until later.

From the 13th to the 19th the best we can do is to make sure we don't contribute to the general disturbance.  People are a little more cranky and feelings are easily hurt. Even with this emotional turbulence, we can improve the way we personal treat people practicing with our most important relationships.  We should be ultra sensitive and forgiving regarding others' shortcomings.

From the 20th to the 26th we are in a time of hard work.  However, old tactics and methods are not as effective as they once were.  We need to innovate.  In the process of trying new ideas and methods we will have to discard more approaches than we embrace.  It is like shopping for shoes.  You don't buy every pair that you try on.

From the 27th to the 31st it's commonplace to be chasing some ideals that are somehow always just out of reach.  Success comes by adopting a meditative mode of action.  Go slow; watch the world around you as it also slows down.  We accomplish more when we find the right cadence.

1st – Wednesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto, Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Sun Trine Neptune, the Full Moon -  Self expression can reach a high water mark.  There is excitement in the air pushing us to try new things.  People are pleasant and most interactions are very uplifting.

2nd – Thursday – Mercury Sextile Uranus - Technology plays an important role in finding more efficient ways of accomplishing tasks.  Great ideas can emerge in the flow of conversation.  This is a time for innovation.

3rd – Friday –  Mercury Sextile Jupiter -  Our thoughts are free and our ideas are there to be shared with others. It is easy to feel optimistic about anything we do.  Expecting positive outcomes brings them about.

4th – Saturday – Celebration and a joyous mood can sweep us all away.  It's a great time to have a party...the danger is just overdoing it.  Know when enough is enough and the night can be a whole lot of fun.

5th – Sunday – Mercury Sextile Venus, Mars Semi-square Jupiter -  An overly ambitious agenda can find us extended beyond our center of gravity; we can be worn out before we are half done. Best to make sure the most important things are accomplished early in the day; leave more discretionary activity for the afternoon and evening.

6th – Monday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Sun Opposite Pluto -  It is easy to be confused and stressed when we feel others are taking issue with things we do or say.  Difficulties can be unraveled if we focus on understanding underlying conflicts that are creating emotional tension.     

7th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Mercury Quincunx Saturn - Work to resolve differences with co-workers.  If we get stuck in some form of controversy, things get easier when we take the initiative.  A peaceful result is only a short step away, we just have to be willing to take it.

8th – Wednesday – Mercury enters Cancer, Mars Trine Neptune -  Decisions are made instinctively and we feel bonded to some ideal.  The challenge is to see what has real merit and what is just a nostalgic reaction to changes around us.  Habits, good and bad, have a way of perpetuating themselves.

9th – Thursday -  Much is accomplished quickly, then we must make time for friends and family.  We need to pay attention to what others are telling us.

10th – Friday – Enjoyment of the subtleties of our partner opens a new window of understanding.  Creative self expression is favored.

11th – Saturday – We are lifted by our beautiful visions and then confronted  by the practical shortcomings of trying to implement them.  We are all looking for options and there are plenty.

12th – Sunday – Sun Square Uranus -  Disruptive behavior adds excitement to the day.  Emotional outbursts can make others uncomfortable....understanding our need for freedom can help us take present circumstances lightly.

13th – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Jupiter, Mercury Trine Neptune - We need to be careful that we have our vision aimed at the right ideal as we may have a stronger influence on others than we realize.  Great inspiration comes through listening to that inner voice which lies behind all the turmoil.

14th – Tuesday – Venus Square Saturn, Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn - If we take a step backwards and look at where we have been we can realize obstacles we meet now are really self created. Overcoming fear and applying diligent effort gives some progress and a sense of satisfaction.

15th – Wednesday –  Venus Semi-square Mars, Mars Opposite Pluto, Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury Opposite Pluto, the New Moon is on the 23rd degree of Cancer at 8:25 PM EDT, Mercury Semi-square Venus -  We are all swept up in the excitement of the day.  We have powerful desires but it is difficult to find a positive expression for them. There is such passion now that love and controversy can become intertwined.  When emotions run high sometimes the best we can do is just observe.

16th – Thursday –  Mercury Conjunct Mars - Good conversation gets us right to the point.  It's smart to be with someone with whom you can pour your affection; people respond to outgoing overtures.

17th – Friday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter -  Expressing our true feelings can leave us awkwardly over-extended.  Still, it is important to find some outlet for the fountain of good feelings that seem to keep emerging.  We do better to be misunderstood, while being our authentic selves, than we are to just imitate what we think others want to see.

18th – Saturday – Venus enters Virgo, Mercury Square Uranus -  A purity can come to our expressions as we continue to demand clarity and definition from ourselves.  We need to be mindful that we may see some things that other people miss, and by the same token we need to grant that others may see things that we have missed.

19th – Sunday – Sun Contra-parallel Pluto -  When we go to extremes we can exhaust ourselves and everyone around us.  If our efforts are geared to self analysis then we may avoid some looming difficulties.

20th – Monday – Venus Contra-parallel Neptune, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune - Misunderstanding and miscommunications are possible so it is good to have a "reality check" to make sure that you have the same idea as everyone else in your group.  On the positive side, this is a very imaginative moment which can be the beginning of a great dream.

21st – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter, Sun Trine Saturn - Discipline and carefully measured goals can put us on a good trajectory.  This is the time to continue with our regular activities and to listen to our own conscience.

22nd – Wednesday – Mercury Trine Saturn, Sun enters Leo - Logical thinking leads to concrete sure of what you are doing, then commit.  Arrangements made now have a way of being permanent.

23rd – Thursday – Mercury enters Leo, Sun Conjuncts Mercury, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus, Sun Semi-sextile Venus -  Expressing ourselves has never been easier; but are we really being understood?  Extra attention is needed to make sure we are finding the right words.  Even though the day looks like more of the same, we are really being offered something new.

24th – Friday – It's a time to ponder our past while embracing a new path.  Dream images and brilliant ideas blend together.  We can see a truth beyond reason and analysis.

25th – Saturday – Venus turns Retrograde, Mars Square Uranus, Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto -  Relationships have a way of coming unraveled.  Finding a new direction is not wrong but decisions made abruptly now can have serious repercussions.  Avoid acting out of anger or hurt feelings; common sense and a higher love point the way to real intimacy.

26th – Sunday – Uranus turns Retrograde, Venus Parallel Uranus - Brilliant insight can open a fresh channel to higher consciousness.  A new love interest may teach us something about ourselves.

27th – Monday – Mercury Quincunx Neptune -  Our perceptions are easily clouded by emotional exaggeration.  Creativity may be strong but we need to place our feelings and thoughts in perspective if they are to have any lasting positive significance.

28th – Tuesday –  Translating thoughts to action allows us a sense of accomplishment.  When we have chosen projects that render service to others we feel happy.  We are building things that have long term significance.

29th – Wednesday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Mercury Quincunx Pluto - We may feel paranoid if we judge our ideas as being intrinsically different from others.  Holding our own counsel can be helpful in the short term but may increase our sense of isolation in the long run.  A little conflict can sometimes clear the air.

30th – Thursday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury Contra-parallel Saturn - Passions run high and logic can be quite faulty; this can be a deadly combination.  Ask yourself, "Is the Kool Aid I'm about to drink given by Ken Kesey or by Jim Jones?"  If your intension is to hurt another, you will suffer.  Only Love has the power to heal the troubles of the world.

31st – Friday –  The Full Moon is at 6:44 AM EDT on the 7th degree of Aquarius, Venus Retrogrades back into Leo -  We meet the same people under different circumstances.  We are challenged to make an allotment of time; how much are we to be part of a group and how much do we need to do our own thing?  Our own lives are enriched by making time to listen to others.

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