The Astrology Company: September 2015 Newsletter

September 2015
By Bob Mulligan

(there is a personal note at the end of this newsletter)

September is always a month of endings and beginnings as summer turns into fall with the equinox.  But changes is more dramatic this September as the Equinox on the 23th is straddled by two Eclipses; a Solar Eclipse on the 13th and a Lunar Eclipse on the 27th.   Eclipses have a cosmic function to reset the dials of activity on earth; at the personal level, for each of us,  they stop one form of activity while initiating a new course of action. The first eclipse helps us reform our values and the second one helps rectify our relationships.  Venus (goddess of love) has been retrograde since the 25th of July.  She turns Direct on September 6th, right after her Conjunction  with Mars (god of desire) on the 1st.  This takes place in the center of Leo (the stage) so the month gets off to warm and romantic start. Mercury Squares Pluto on the 9th, turns retrograde on 17th, and then Squares Pluto again on the 24th.  This time period demarcates a dymanic turning point in our thinking.  But this gift will be lost to our conscious mind unless we are willing to make the shift that is required.  Mars (god of energy) enters Virgo on the 24th, assisting our focus to more practical and external matters.  Jupiter is Opposite Neptune on the 16th . This opposition encourages us to give ventilation to our higher mind but also warns that our great expectations and ideals can run away with us.  Issues regarding public welfare will be in the news; good causes will come to the forefront.  Our personal circumstances are intertwined with the health of the environment of the planet;  the purity of our food chain become dominate concerns.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs on the 13th at 2:41 AM EDT on the 20th Degree of Virgo. With Mercury (ruler of Virgo) Square Pluto (lord ruling all or nothing) we are challenged to dive deeper into current issues or to just let go of them. Since Venus has just turned direct and is in Sextile to Mercury expressing thoughts will come easily. But the question still remains, what is worth striving for now?  Jupiter (king of the gods) is in opposite Neptune (lord of illusion).  Our basically idealistic nature is augmented, but this is a time to check our facts.  We need to be sure we are headed in the right direction.  Much good can be accomplished over the next month. However, this eclipse will last for years, constantly reminding us to make certain our beliefs match the facts.

The Sun enters Libra at 4:21 AM EDT on September 23rd.  This chart for the Fall Equinox shows circumstances for the next four months.  With the Sun Conjunct the North Node of the Moon and with a Void Of Course Moon in Capricorn, we carry a heavy burden to stay true to our higher purpose. With Mars (lord of energy) Square Saturn (lord of karma) accomplishment will come with hard work and a careful eye for details.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the 27th is at 4:50 PM EDT on the 4th degree of Libra/Aries. This is a time for letting go of everything that is past its stage of usefulness.  While Jupiter (god of enthusiasm) is still opposite Neptune (god of ideas), he is also closing a Trine to Pluto (god of life and Death) Both Jupiter and Pluto are in earth signs requiring us to be very basic in our planning.  Mercury (lord or reason) is retrograde in Libra (sign of balance) so we may need to rethink our direction and perhaps take radical steps to regain our equilibrium.

From the 1st to the 6th we are winding up a long period of emotional re-evaluation.  Some new relationships emerge and we can see a wider perspective on the world.

From the 7th to the 13th rethinking an issue endlessly can keep us stuck in a "no win" situation.  Following our gut impulses can help us eliminate irrelevant blocks. Opportunities emerge but we need courage to follow them.

From the 14th to the 20th we can see the truth in our current situation if we are honest with ourselves.  Our ideals may be out of step with our daily practice.  Balancing values with responsibilities brings harmony.

From the 21st to the 27th anger may be the natural consequence of pent up frustration.  We need a safe outlet for aggression and some deep reflection on the way we express ourselves.  Avoid destroying in a minute what took a lifetime to build.

From the 28th to the 30th major changes in our mood can come through relatively minor adjustments in our attitude.  This is a could time to check our own motives before acting.

1st – Tuesday – Venus Conjunct Mars, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune - The desire for intimacy is so strong that  we may feel a spontaneous urge to unite with another.  Our vision of the beautiful tends to guide our actions.

2nd – Wednesday – Jupiter Sesquiquadrate Uranus -  Lady luck may be on our side.  Our job is to determine what that really means before we act. Unforeseen outcomes emerge.

3rd – Thursday – Mercury Quincunx Neptune - Take the time to clarify all communications. Inability to voice our concerns will bring unintentional difficulties. Be patient.  Things are about to change, again.

4th – Friday – Sun Parallel Uranus - It is not possible to be in more than one place at a time, or to do more than one thing at a time. Hard work, prioritizing, and sequencing are common sense ways of dealing with the offerings of the day.  However, dealing effectively with our own nervousness carries us to the root of the conflicts.

5th – Saturday – Sun Trine Pluto - The waiting is over as significant factors fall into place; we make rapid progress in many areas of life.  We can lay the groundwork for many future accomplishments.

6th - Sunday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Venus turns direct - We may be easily intimidated by the volume of procedures  seemingly necessary to move forward. However, minor adjustments are can work wonders, securing personal happiness.

7th – Monday – Sun Semi-sextile Venus, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus - Our most progressive thoughts are disrupted by even more radical ideas.  Devotion to our goals need to be coupled to a re-examination of our motives. Tenacious effort is required now.

8th – Tuesday – Venus Parallel Jupiter, Mars Trine Uranus -  Outside circumstances give us a boost helping reestablish the harmony we so desire.  Quick action brings results.

9th – Wednesday – Mercury Square Pluto - More energy on a problem doesn't always bring a solution.  Avoid continual rethinking a conversation, a history, or relationship.  Make a decision and move forward.

10th – Thursday – A few kind words and a little effort puts an important relationship back on the right track.  Water and sunshine are necessary for flowers to grow;  partnering requires enthusiasm and empathy.

11th – Friday –  Seize the moment.  We need to overcome negative moods and fears in order to achieve our goals, but once in motion a lighthearted spirit of the day moves us along.

12th – Saturday – Mercury Semi-square Saturn, Sun Quincunx Uranus -  Our best efforts are not enough if we are missing critical facts. Inner thoughts and self refinement are more valuable than arguing or proceeding down dead end roads.  If we are patient, a way out of our current dilemma will be revealed.

13th – Sunday – The New Moon Eclipse is at 2:41 AM EDT on the 20th degree of Virgo, Mercury Parallel Neptune -  This is a great time to initiate any creative project.  Our imagination is working overtime and new ideas flourish.  Set intentions.

14th – Monday – Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter - Brilliant insights can be shared but we need to be sure that we have our facts straight.  Having the attention of our audience is not assured.  Listen to others.

15th – Tuesday –  Interruptions, crazy ideas, and novel intrusions into our routines makes life interesting.  Getting help from others is wonderful, but don't be led too far afield trying to gather understanding and support.

16th – Wednesday – Sometimes we get further by keeping our thoughts to ourselves.  Today is such. A big vision of the possible is unfolding.

17th – Thursday – Jupiter Opposite Neptune, Mercury turns retrograde, Saturn enters Sagittarius, Jupiter Contra-parallel Neptune - Admitting our mistakes has a curative affect on the current situation. Denial of the obvious leads to delusion.  Idealism has never been stronger, but to have meaning in the world we have to be honest with ourselves first.

18th – Friday –  There are many stops and starts.  It is easy to be too demanding on ourselves and others.  Life is more fun when we can keep things in perspective.

19th – Saturday –  We may work a little harder than usual to get on the right track with our coworkers.  Flighty thoughts and imaginative leaps keep the day interesting, but spending too much time in "escapist land" is unhealthy and unproductive.

20th – Sunday – Sun Semi-sextile Mars -  Coupling enthusiasm with practical insight we make steps forward.  Even though we want to stay in motion we need to keep "testing the water" as we go.  Small advances and prototype studies are more meaningful than big  sweeping gains.

21st – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Saturn, Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto -  By reappraising our responsibilities we can see where our energy is best applied.  It's easy to lose our balance and express anger based on misinformation and partial understanding of the real circumstances. Discretion is required.

22nd – Tuesday – Mercury Parallel Neptune, Venus Trine Uranus -  It's time to see things from a higher plane of awareness.  Getting our thoughts and feelings functioning together is not easy, just necessary.  When in doubt we need to follow our heart.

23rd – Wednesday – The Sun enters Libra, Mercury Semi-square Mars, Sun Sextile Saturn, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter -  Keeping a steady hand on our life's direction and handling our given obligations is the surest path to success now.  Rash actions and overconfidence can breed trouble. Help comes from other when we are willing to give it in return.

24th – Thursday – Mercury Square Pluto -  Purifying our thought process helps mitigate distrust and negative feelings. We can't please everyone and still be true to ourselves.  However, keeping calm in the midst of other people's turbulence can be beneficial for all.

25th – Friday – Pluto turns direct, Mars Square Saturn -  We really need to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed by circumstances. Choosing which details to concentrate on may mean changing our mind and making new choices.  This is ok.  Be prepared to admit mistakes.  Find a steady pace in order to keep working without exhaustion.

26th – Saturday –  Dream away and let your imagination soar. Now is the time for long range planning in an unencumbered fashion.  We are preparing for a big change.

27th – Sunday – Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus, The Full Moon Eclipse is at 10:50 PM EDT on the4th degree of Libra/Aries -  Carefully sketched out plans go off track.  Brilliant insights and disturbing bursts of anger can punctuate this eventful day.  Be willing to surrender the past and the path becomes clear.

28th – Monday –  A fast and exciting pace of events keeps this day from being anything but ordinary.  If you can find a moment of calm, enjoy it; in a few days the pace of events will require extra effort.

29th – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-square Venus, Mercury Quincunx Neptune -  Conversations can be a vehicle for unconsciously expressing pent up emotional disappointments.  Being genuine in what we say can safeguard our important relationships over the long haul.  

30th – Wednesday – Sun Conjunct Mercury, Sun Quincunx Neptune -  We are on the edge of a new way of being.  We are offered a way out of current difficulties. Aligning the head and heart ensures purity of consciousness.

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From September 22nd until October 10th I will be in India.  My daughter, Katie, is here and can relay messages to me.  Have a great month.

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