The Astrology Company: October 2015 Newsletter

October 2015
By Bob Mulligan
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Many issues that have been evolving in the world situation come to a conclusion this October.  Forces of extreme and the forces of balance have been in head on conflict for several years.  Now we reach a conclusion where the long term outcome is obvious.  This makes for an exciting month.  Mercury ends his three week Retrograde turning Direct at zero degree of Libra on the 9th. Venus (goddess of love) and Mars (lord of aggression) are both in Virgo (ruled by Mercury) and they are Parallel each other on this day.   The underlying patterns determining the way we relate change for the better. Both individually and collectively we have an opportunity to hammer out tangible solutions to long standing problem.  We are juggling many details all month but around the middle of the month we can rebalance our priorities. Mars Conjuncts Jupiter on the 17th and they are in Parallel two days later, inviting us to initiate substantive activities as new opportunities emerge. Saturn (lord of tradition) is Sesquiquadrate Uranus (god of revolution) on the22nd. Ongoing conflict between crystallized ideologues and flaming maniacs leave the rest of us standing in the middle wondering what is going on.  An abrupt turn of events affords a moment of openness.  There has to be a better way to bring about change.  Venus Conjuncts Jupiter on the 25th giving us all a lift which we have been vaguely feeling all month.  Good feelings may easily turn into exuberance as Jupiter Parallels Uranus on the 28th.  Turbulence dies down and the month ends on a happy note.

The New Moon on the 12th is on the 19th degree of Libra at 8:05 PM EDT.  The New Moon is Opposite Uranus and Square Pluto,  forcing revolutionary change in all ways that people relate.  We can modify our personal lives facilitating better connections with others if we are conscious. This pattern reactivates much of the upheaval the world has seen in the last few years as basic authorities are challenged by forces of spontaneous revolution.  The world will see more chaotic and violent conflict. Our personal lives will receive an opportunity to quickly rectify underlying inconsistencies between our desires and our methodologies. Saturn (lord of karma) is Square both Venus (love goddess) and Neptune (lord of illusion). Our personal happiness is dependent on finding a fresh approach to relating. We can break with our past and get practical in our quest for beauty and harmony.  The Mars/Jupiter Conjunction in Virgo are Trine Pluto (god of life and death).  A great surge of personal effort can bring tangible and lasting results.

The Sun crosses into Scorpio at 1:48 PM EDT on October 23rd.  In this chart the Sun is Trine Neptune, lifting our spirits and reminding us to value the things that are most enduring. Mercury Squares Pluto showing that decisions made now have to be acted upon in order to have potency.  The Moon in Pisces is Opposite Venus, Jupiter, and Mars all in Virgo (sign of detail) as well as Sextiling Pluto (god ruling all or nothing). This solar month will require stick-to-itiveness in order to achieve any real progress. We cannot let go of either practical concerns or our higher values.

The Full Moon occurs on the 27th at 8:05 AM EDT on the 3rd degree of Scorpio/Taurus.  With Venus and Pluto ruling the Sun and Moon, what we love with our whole heart comes closer to manifestation. Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are Trine Pluto; they're all in earth signs so we are looking for tangible measurements of progress.  Mercury is Opposite Uranus so we will be looking for new and quick solutions to difficulties. The Scorpio Full Moon is always a time of getting rid of things that have outlived their usefulness. However, we need to hang on to things we might need later as we are "cleaning house".

From the 1st to the 4th we are caught between the desire to get things done quickly and some indecision about which things are the most important.  Too many details get in the way of effectiveness.  We are happiest when we face our true responsibilities head on.

From the 5th to the 11th critical information emerges from a sea of data leading us to a new path.  Correcting past mistakes means first recognizing them. Slowly things change for the best; we can take a big leap forward.

From the 12th to the 18th relationships occupy our thinking.  Actions are a little out of step with feelings and thoughts. If based on past expectations, our impressions of what needs to be done are irrelevant.  Bonding with others takes on new significance as we clarify our intentions.  Honesty with people close to us is most important.

From the 19th to the 25th cutting loose from the past allows us to see the beauty of what is being offered now.  Luck follows on the tail of hard work and consistency.

From the 26th to the 31st so many changes have been in the recent past that it requires extra effort to grasp and benefit from the ones in our lives at the moment.  We know what is right if we can relax and just listen to our own conscience.

1st – Thursday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus -  Abrupt changes of circumstances can leave us puzzled. A new way of operating in the world is emerging but the time is not yet ripe for setting a new course.  Anger is the least productive response; patience brings peace.

2nd – Friday – Sun Parallel Mercury, Mercury Semi-sextile Mars - Self-confidence is necessary in order to correct past mistakes and move forward.  A careful eye for detail and cautious steps gives steady progress.

3rd – Saturday – A delightful mood and pleasantries can find us committing to things that are not our real responsibilities.  Translating good feelings for others into tangible results requires letting go of our preconceptions.

4th – Sunday – The requirements of worldly pursuits can present conflict.  Holding on to our ideals is the only safeguard.  The ends we achieve are a direct extension of our methods for acquiring them.  In this sense, the journey and the goal are identical.

5th – Monday – Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter - We wish to improve our relationships.  Taking practical steps correctly measured to the real world brings happiness and passion.

6th – Tuesday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Sun Square Pluto, Mercury Sextile Saturn, Mars Opposite Neptune -  Harsh realities can suck the fun out of the day.  The remedy is to have common sense about out circumstances and help others where appropriate.  Kindness is never wasted, but detachment is also necessary now.

7th – Wednesday – Sun Semi-square Venus - Big plans require big people to be successful.  We are growing into our vision of who we need to be in order to manifest our dreams.

8th – Thursday – Venus enters Virgo, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune, Mars Contra-parallel Neptune -  Taking small practical steps can bring us ever closer to real relationship bliss.  Bold moves can find us envisioning an ideal that is far removed from our everyday lives.  Modest gains are all that are necessary.

9th – Friday – Mercury turns Direct, Venus Parallel Mars, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus - Love can be expressed through acts of kindness and selfless service.  A seed must be planted in the ground in order to grow.  Words flow easily and common concerns can reveal universal truths.

10th – Saturday – Sun Semi-square Saturn, Sun Contra-parallel, Venus Square Saturn -  Finding the middle way requires effort.  A new path is opening in front of us if we have the courage to walk on it.  Seize the moment.

11th – Sunday – Jupiter Trine Pluto, Sun Opposite Uranus -  Abundance is there and meant for us; we just have to recognize it and be willing to do the work.  If we avoid stubborn confrontations, one victory leads to another.

12th – Monday – Sun Contra-parallel Jupiter, Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus, the New Moon is at 8:05 PM EDT on the 19th degree of Libra - Inflated optimism can leave us wanting; success comes by spotting genuine (as appose to imagined) options.  Change just for the sake of doing something different is unprofitable. Still, something new must happen now.  Part of today's mission is adjusting to other people's irregularities.

13th – Tuesday – Mercury Sextile Saturn - Hard choices made correctly lead to resolution of long standing problems.  Moving from theory to practice brings satisfaction.  Complete resolve is necessary to achieve long awaited happiness.

14th – Wednesday – Sun Contra-parallel Mars, Sun Contra-parallel Venus -  Using a different approach brings us to new heights in ways of relating to our loved ones.  Finding the middle way between assertion and passivity allows us to achieve closeness with those we care about most.

15th – Thursday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mars Trine Pluto -  We can see a glimpse of the road ahead.  We must use discretion and be thorough in our actions.  Leaving no stone unturned is the way to affirm commitment to our cause.

16th – Friday – Venus Opposite Neptune - Our emotional impulses may be out of step with the requirements of the moment.  Observing is better than acting. We must examine what really sustains us in the long run.

17th – Saturday – Mars Conjunct Jupiter - Our actions matter more than uttering lofty phrases.  A carefree attitude and honest effort can make this a fun filled and rewarding day.

18th – Sunday – Sun Parallel Neptune, Mercury Quincunx Neptune -  We need to watch what we say.  It is easy to fall into misrepresenting some aspect of our lives.  Lofty thoughts do not necessarily translate into positive actions.  Err on the side of caution.

19th – Monday – Mars Parallel Jupiter -  So many activities are in front of us.  Paring down our involvement in some areas frees time to focus on the most important things. A combination of exuberance and a careful eye for detail brings real results.

20th – Tuesday –  When we feel blocked at every turn, simply staying on course with the most obvious is the right direction.  When we embrace the good which is all around us the ever present joy lifts us up.

21st – Wednesday – Venus Parallel Jupiter, Mars Parallel Uranus, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus - Passions are fired up; we have a release of energy.  Finding safe manners of self expression and being kind to others carries us to new accomplishments.

22nd – Thursday –  Saturn Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus Parallel Uranus, Mercury Square Pluto - Our judgments and impulses don't match.  Freedom is found by taking risks but ignored responsibilities can freeze our forward momentum.  Obstacles look bigger than they really are.  Be willing to observe and wait.

23rd – Friday – Venus Trine Pluto, Sun enters Scorpio, Sun Semi-square Jupiter, Mars Quincunx Uranus - We do best when we limit our involvement to the projects that have genuine merit.  Our enthusiasm can easily run away with us.  Impatience is the enemy of success.

24th – Saturday – Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter -  We are linked into our own higher vision of truth.  What we see may not be anyone else's truth.  Sincere sharing of ideas can refresh our own vision if we listen to our own inner wisdom, regardless of how it comes to us.  Our perceptions may be altered by something another says to us; be it friend, enemy, or stranger.

25th – Sunday – Venus Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury Opposite Uranus, Venus Parallel Mars -  Adhering to our true love and following the dictates of our heart is the way to happiness.  Erratic thoughts can lead us astray. Take notes but resist the impulse to go in a new direction.

26th – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Saturn, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus, Mercury Contra-parallel Mars, Mercury Semi-sextile Mars - Friction arising from conversation can be resolved with a little work.  Emotional expectations can be off center.  Still, a positive nurturing feeling can emerge when we are determined to improve our communications.

27th – Tuesday – Sun Semi-sextile Saturn, the Full Moon on the 3rd degree of Scorpio/Taurus is at 8:05 AM EDT, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter, Venus Quincunx Uranus - Insecurity and nervousness can cast a shadow over an otherwise beautiful day.  Enthusiastic responses to seemingly important news can have us jumping into motion too quickly. Checking facts before acting is a good mechanism to ensure success.

28th – Wednesday – Jupiter Parallel Uranus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune - It is possible to chart a new course.  Insights and opportunity encourage a very progressive leap of faith. We need to make sure that when we paint a picture for others that we don't promise more than can actually happen in the moment.

29th – Thursday – Pruning back our options allows us to make a more realistic appraisal of what needs to be done.  Staying on track with major obligations is the surest way to win.  Don't waste time trying the impossible.

30th – Friday – Sun Semi-square Mars, Sun Trine Neptune - An empathetic response to today's challenges can align us with our higher selves.  Spiritual insight follows commitment.

31st – Saturday – We may feel caught between the past and the future.  Living in the present moment frees us from conflict. Security and stability come when we lend a hand to others. An emotional truth is available if we can but see it.

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