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September 2014
By Bob Mulligan

This whole month of September is one of back peddling.  We are looking over the path we have just traveled and reevaluating where we have been and where we are going.  It is an exciting month with Jupiter (king of the gods) Trining Uranus (god of uniqueness).  This gives a lucky lift to all happenings and can show us how to have fun in the simple joys of everyday life. September is a time of finishing up the summer activities that are meant to be life sustaining; and then, as the Sun enters Libra we make time to experience the joy of life within our key relationships.  This year is particularly geared to finding pleasure in the company of others.

The Full Moon occurs on September 8th on the 16th degree of Virgo/Pisces at 9:38 PM EDT.  Venus (goddess of love) is opposite Neptune (lord of infinite compassion); while our emotions are stirred up we need to do a reality check on how we look for positive emotions. Are we chasing an illusion? Mercury (god of reason) is Square Pluto (lord of life and death) and opposite Uranus (infinite intelligence). Full Moon's are always a time of release; we discard things we can't complete.  Virgo/Pisces asks us to unite the reasoning process with compassion. This is a moment where we are deciding what is truly important while letting go of the rest.

The Sun enters Libra on September 22nd at 10:30 PM EDT; this is the Autumnal Equinox.  The Moon is applying to a Conjunction of Venus indicating the next three months can be relatively harmonious.  Mars (god of war) is Square Neptune (god of illusion); this could show that we have conflict in our lives that is difficult to see.  For the Nation this may mean that we have covert military action that doesn't become public knowledge now.  With the Sun Semi-square Jupiter we are likely to have an easy time if we don't suffer from self amplification.

The New Moon occurs on September 23rd on the 1st degree of Libra at 2:13 PM EDT. The New Moon is ruled by Venus which is in mutual reception with Mercury.  Venus (goddess of love) rules our feelings and can be critical in Virgo, however, Mercury (lord of reason) is in Libra expressing both detachment and balance. When these two deities are working in these signs by themselves we have pleasant but distant dealings with the various people in our lives; however, when we are able to connect our head and heart our rational concern for others channels our positive emotions into an all encompassing pattern of growth.  Then relationships become our primary mechanism for deep, practical, and enduring personal development.

From the 1st to the 7th we are hammering out new methods for achieving common tasks.  Recent changes in circumstances require a different approach to the things we are obliged to accomplish.

From the 8th to the 14th we see illusions come crashing down around us; this gives us an opportunity to see our own lives more clearly. Pressure builds up in key relationships; honestly facing the nature of our difficulties is the first step in finding a remedy.

From the 15th to the 21st lots of mental activity and new information can keep us engaged in our everyday life without finding resolution.  Stay with current plans and work along established and agreed upon guidelines, then this week is easy.

From the 22nd to the 30th the various permutations of being with others surfaces.  There are puzzles to be resolved and complications that need simplifying, but a little conscious effort moves mountains quickly.  It is a beautiful week.

1st – Monday – We are tidying up a few things left over from last week and preparing for a new life.  We are assimilating the happenings of the last few weeks. Dealing effectively with details and giving up criticism becomes the way to pave a new road when including others in our plans.

2nd – Tuesday – Mercury enters Libra, Venus Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Sun Semi-sextile Jupiter - Our perspective changes as we see the big picture.  Infinite possibilities are available if we have the emotional wherewithal to embrace the obvious.  Putting past hurts behind us is easier than it may seem.

3rd – Wednesday – Sun Trine Pluto - It takes guts to go the distance with what we see as the way forward. Being brutally frank with ourselves is the first step toward real mental health.  Practical steps with careful measurement of the risk involved is necessary in order to make real progress.

4th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-square Saturn -  Too much caution is counter-productive.  Overcome fear and take a fresh look at the situation.  We didn't end up where we are now by accident.  Our current situation is a direct extension of our past actions.

5th – Friday – Jupiter Quincunx Pluto, Venus enter Virgo - We can easily miss our mark by projecting and then expecting results that are out of proportion with the situation. Or, we can suffer from getting lost in methods and procedures that obscure our view of what is really important.  Prioritize, move forward appropriately, then relax.

6th – Saturday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mercury Quincunx Neptune - Suddenly everything is different. We must approach some important aspect of our life from a new perspective. Not every change that needs to be made needs to happen right now; however, we can see the "hand writing on the wall."

7th – Sunday – Mars Parallel Pluto, Mars Semi-square Pluto - We are prompted to act.  Having a vision of what we want to achieve clears the way so that our behavior has meaning and we don't waste time.  Anger is a byproduct of personal disappointment; be willing to put the past behind and start something new.

8th – Monday – Sun Quincunx Uranus, Sun Parallel Uranus, the Full Moon is at 9:38 PM EDT on the 16th degree of Virgo/Pisces - We are given every opportunity to embrace and express our own individual uniqueness.  In order to more forward we have to come to terms with where we have been. Our past holds the key to our future.

9th – Tuesday – Sun Contra-parallel Mercury, Mercury Square Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus - Do we have too much information or not enough?  We can deal effectively with our lives from our current position.  We either back up or move forward.  Backing up means renegotiating the criteria connected to our key  relationships.  Moving forward means gathering more data specific to our needs.

10th – Wednesday – Venus Opposite Neptune, Mercury Sextile Jupiter - Love without reason is confusing.  Great ideas without heart are meaningless.  Aligning thoughts, feelings, and actions requires concentration and honesty.

11th – Thursday – Venus Contra-parallel Neptune, Sun Sextile Saturn, Mercury Semi-sextile Mars -  Manifesting an ideal requires effort and discipline.  We can progress if we are self reliant and avoid getting angry with anyone other than ourselves.

12th – Friday – It is easy to progress when we relax and just go with what is.  New ideas are present and people seem to present us with all kinds of conflicting information.  Gather facts but stay with your basic direction and plans at least for the moment.

13th – Saturday – Mercury Opposite Uranus, Mars enters Sagittarius - Putting past hurts and feelings of rejection behind us allows us to lighten our spirit and seek out new adventures.  An underlying nervousness may need addressing so that we don't act precipitously.

14th – Sunday – Mars Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Venus Trine Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Venus - Trouble can be brewing in key relationships as we find ourselves with conflicting needs.  Sometimes finding the right words can help soften the tension that is building.

15th – Monday –  So many things need to be accomplished all at once.  Luckily we have the time and good fortune to do everything that really must be addressed. We make decisions and prioritize while we are in motion. A light hearted mood helps all activities.

16th – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter - Small steps toward our long sought goals gives us a feeling of accomplishment. Taking a little action toward something of primary importance is much more gratifying than big moves toward secondary objectives.

17th – Wednesday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury Parallel Neptune, Venus Quincunx Uranus - Our imagination can fill us with ideas of many things far away and unobtainable.  We are happiest if we take care of our basic responsibilities and spend time with our loved ones.

18th – Thursday – Stability and security can be more fulfilling than escaping into a lofty but unobtainable vision of truth.  Forceful, even aggressive steps to secure our hard earned necessities can help us find our positive sense of self worth.

19th – Friday – Everyone seems to be doing things on a grand scale.  Presenting our ideas to others may not gain consent but it can help us clarify our own values.  This is a time of aligning with our conscience.

20th – Saturday – Finding balance between the various aspects of our lives is the immediate challenge. We make progress when we take the time to include others in our plans.  We need to explain and explore with the key people in our lives if we are to have real self attunement.

21st – Sunday – Venus Sextile Saturn, Venus Parallel Uranus, Mars Square Neptune - We can find a new footing in every important relationship today if we are capable of finding the important balance between traditional continuity and innovative ideas.  We are finding a new way without abandoning the procedures that work.

22nd – Monday – Sun Semi-square Jupiter, Pluto turns direct, the Sun crosses into Libra at 10:30 PM EDT - We are attempting to complete a few things as the fall is upon us.  There is a feeling of luck but everyone seems to be swept up taking care of a myriad of details.  Be at peace; all things are possible now and it doesn't require a great deal of effort to be successful, just commitment.

23rd – Tuesday –  It is a day of great anticipation and promise.  We are finishing something important.  Handling minutia seems to be that only way of really letting go and moving on. Great joy emerges by doing what we know to be right.

24th – Wednesday – The New Moon happens on the 1st degree of Libra at 2:14 AM EDT - We are finding our way in our most important relationships. There is an aura of freshness even for our most long enduring connections.  We have the opportunity to reconstitute our most basic ways of being with others.

25th – Thursday – Jupiter Trine Uranus -  It's a great time to start over, try something new, experiment.  Long term planning and making adjustments for those you love the most seems to be the natural order of things now.

26th – Friday –  There is a gathering intensity and a feeling that everything is coming to a conclusion.  We have reached a moment of decision making.  We need to be sure of our basic commitments.

27th – Saturday – Mercury enters Scorpio -  This can be an emotionally difficult day because it is hard to see what is important. Avoid letting a negative mood ruin the fun; plan quiet activities and nurture the people most important in your life.

28th – Sunday – Sun Semi-square Saturn, Sun Quincunx Neptune - We can easily be caught between our desire to be realistic and our fantasy of how things could be. We need dreams in order to improve our lives; we also need discretion to translate high ideals into action.

29th – Monday – Venus enters Libra, Mars Semi-sextile Pluto - Taking bold steps allows us access to our heart's desire.  First steps in a new direction can give us a healthy start in rekindling an old flame or embarking on a new path.

30th – Tuesday – Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus - Love is in the air ; there are many fortunate occurrences.  People seem to show up just when they are needed. A few kind words go a long way toward healing past wounds.

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