The Astrology Company: May 2015 Newsletter

May 2015
By Bob Mulligan

Large scale events occurring in May have their origin in the March Uranus/Pluto Square which will have a lasting influence for another year. World turbulence continues; birth and destruction are side by side; these are growing pains of a new world being born.  Normal patterns in our personal lives are disrupted as Mercury turns Retrograde for three weeks, starting on May 18th.  Generally, people have the impression that Retrograde Mercury periods are the time when things go wrong, when mistakes and errors appear in our communications.  This is a great time to correct past difficulties and it is a wonderful time to edit.  For an extra boost of this occurrence remember that Mercury Retrograde periods are strongest at each end, when Mercury is changing directions.  For about a day, Mercury is stationary; this is the full force of Mercury's mischief and gift.  As Mercury turns Retrograde he will be sitting directly on the Node of Uranus which will give us opportunity for astoundingly unique insights; this happens just hours after the New Moon giving added potency to the effect.  This movement will introduce some strange occurrences in the world; but for each of us it can be a call to correct some past mistake, misunderstanding, or habit.  May ends with Mercury Conjuncting the Sun, starting a new mental cycle.

The Full Moon on May 3rd is at 11:42 PM EDT on the 13th degree of Taurus/Scorpio.  With Jupiter (lord of space) Square the Sun and Moon, we can expect that whatever great amplification in every area of concern. This Full Moon is of annual importance because this is the Wesak Festival when, according to Buddhist tradition, the Lord Maitreya  returns to earth and revitalizes creation.  This is a powerful moment for meditation and this year is especially significant.  Take the time to meditate and energize your soul's journey. With Mercury (lord of reason) both Opposite Saturn (lord of karma) as well as Square Neptune (lord of Infinite Bliss) this will be a time of great mental adjustment.  Because Mercury and Neptune are in the signs that they rule, either consciously or unconsciously, we will be forced to choose between our personal life and the greater good of the civilization.  We are wise to let go of anything and everything that no longer furthers us.

The New Moon is at 12:13 AM EDT on Monday, May 18th on the 26th degree of Taurus. Venus (ruler of Taurus) is in mutual reception with the Moon.  This gives an underlying stability, and security driven nostalgia for the next four weeks.  However, Mercury (ruler of mental activity) is standing still, preparing to go Retrograde later in the day.  Mercury is in his own sign of Gemini Squaring Neptune (lord of illusion) and Sextile both Jupiter (our higher consciousness) and Uranus (lord of Infinite Intelligence). Consequently, even though we are grounded in a conservative impulse, we are destined to try something new, or at the very least, respond to the call for adventure in consciousness.  The mind will need some tangible outlet other than just dreaming.

Sun enters Gemini May 21st at 4:45 AM EDT. With the Moon in this map applying to the Conjunction of Venus in Cancer, we can anticipate that this Solar month will be sentimental.  Mercury (ruler of Gemini) is Retrograde and Sextile both Jupiter and Uranus. This shows that we have a sudden change of circumstances by reviewing events and decisions in our recent past.  Gifts are present that we have overlooked.

From the 1st through the 3rd we are driven to make a few rapid decisions.  Discarding a past habit may be necessary in order to move forward. This can be a time of personal triumph but circumstances require some privacy.

From the 4th through the 10th bold steps are necessary to clear away the debris of the past and embrace the joy of the present moment.  We are all in a social mood and our personal activities become the backdrop of our public life.

From the 11th through the 17th the urge to communicate is vibrant.  Through a series of missteps we can make the most important connections.  Violence is a dominant tone our current world; this sound, so embedded in our  universal environment, profoundly intrudes into our private lives this week, reminding us that we are all interwoven in the grand tapestry of creation.

From the 18th through the 24th the resistance to our desire to try something new is overcome but not without some struggle. Clarity comes as we review our lives and take stock of where we have been. Now is the time to ask ourselves: are we aiming at the right goals; are our values in line with our day to day decisions?

From the 25th through the 31st we respond to the call of our conscience.  Our ideals are strong and we must find some method of expressing them. This is a nervous period as we shuttle back and forth between what we know to be the higher truth and what looks like the expedient solutions to difficulties.  Relaxing is not easy but a definite good.

1st – Friday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Mars Contra-parallel Saturn - An eye for detail can be a big help as we confront obstacles in the course of the day.  Harmony may be achieved if we look for unique solutions and always keep our eye focused on our long term goals.  The best strategy is to keep everyone who is concerned or affected well informed.

2nd – Saturday –  Minor annoyances can become major distractions if we overreact to interruptions.  Keep calm in the face of disruption; there can be joy in following a new direction as it reveals itself.

3rd – Sunday – Mercury Semi-square Uranus, Mercury Opposite Saturn, the Full Moon is at 11:42 PM EDT on the 13th degree of Taurus/Scorpio -  Lots of conversation can stimulate a flurry of ideas.  Last minute decisions can bring about a change in plans.  We are happiest if we don't try to do too much.  Overindulgence can be a tremendous hamperment. Meditation or journaling can supply a great solace.

4th – Monday – Saturn Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Sun Square Jupiter - As we reach for our newfound joy, we can get caught between how things have been and how we would like them to be.  In the battle between freedom and security we struggle to have both.  Be patient.  All is about to change.

5th – Tuesday – It's time to plan and share ideas.  Don't take momentary loss of enthusiasm to be a rejection by the cosmos.  We may need to adjust our timeline in order to fulfill expectations.

6th – Wednesday – Sun Trine Pluto, Venus Semi-square Jupiter -  Hard work and persistent effort brings results.  The luckiest people are the ones who know when to quit.  Productivity diminishes if we push for too long.

7th – Thursday – Venus enters Cancer - Frantic activity gives way to a peaceful feeling as we settle into our comfort zone. We do well if we can enjoy the day, even if others don't understand what we are doing.  Stay connected to the familiar.

8th – Friday –  Well worn patterns of behavior seem to regiment the day.  People seem stuck and there is not a lot of obvious joy.  However, it is possible to take correction (which seems to be handed out by the truckload) and still "hang loose" while having a good time.

9th – Saturday – Sun Semi-sextile Uranus, Mercury Square Neptune, Sun Parallel Jupiter -  Our ideas are big and our values seem to be intact.  So what is wrong?  We have some confusion to clear up and we may feel that others are not communicating clearly.  Be bold; this is a lucky moment if we are perceptive enough to see it.

10th – Sunday – Venus Quincunx Saturn - Relationships can seem burdensome.  Yes, we have responsibilities but it is important that we are not too hard on ourselves.  Also we need to be forgiving of other people's shortcomings.

11th – Monday – Mars enters Gemini -  Listen to others and be willing to express true feelings.  Anger does not solve problems and progress is slow when we have a bad attitude. To stay on task, focus on the achievable and keep a positive outlook.

12th – Tuesday – Mars Contra-parallel Pluto, Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto - Integrating the tremendous potency of the moment is quite a noble goal.  Violence is present but when correctly channeled this force becomes a great source of usable energy.

13th – Wednesday – Sun Contra-parallel Saturn - Every message now is a gentle hint, encouraging us to reevaluate our situation and get back on track.  Be at peace and let the day pass.  Our best friends may not be in agreement with us, but this can be a blessing.

14th – Thursday –  Both physical and mental stimulation can be the perfect cure for our doldrums.  Good things will happen when we are out and moving around.  Talk to people you do not ordinarily connect with and new information emerges.

15th – Friday – Mars Opposite Saturn - Hard work and careful analysis bring results.  Timing can be off so be patient with others. Several interruptions can make for a stimulating and adventuresome day.

16th – Saturday – Venus Trine Neptune - Love, beauty, and a warm glow of togetherness, with the people we value, can bring us peace and purpose.  It's a good time to take in a movie or a live performance.

17th – Sunday – Mars Semi-square Uranus - We may feel agitated and exhausted at the same time.  Meditation and calm inner work will be soothing. We are preparing to start a new cycle.

18th – Monday – The New Moon happens at 12:13 AM EDT on the 26th degree of Taurus, Mercury turns Retrograde -  Even though there is great turbulence and we have great expectations that have gone unfulfilled, this is a moment of reconciliation.  Make a plan for the immediate future and set intentions on your true heart's desire.

19th – Tuesday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Venus - Spend time with dear ones.  Pleasant conversations and kind thoughts do much to heal old wounds.  It is a time of enjoyment with friends and family.

20th – Wednesday – Thinking about what we want and what we like is more beneficial than dwelling on past mistakes or future apprehensions.  We are happiest when we seek to help others.

21st – Thursday – Sun enters Gemini, Jupiter Quincunx Pluto, Sun Sesquiquadrate Pluto, Venus Opposite Pluto, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter - Spirits lift and the mood of the larger community seems brighter.  We have to accept some limitations on our movement now to appreciate the goodness that is being offered.  Letting go of the emotional burdens of the past is not easy but is the way to clarity and peace.

22nd – Friday – Sun Opposite Saturn - Resistance only brings delays.  Every project will seem to take longer than normal.  Divide work amongst a group.  Keep sight of common goals and tasks become easier.

23rd – Saturday – Sun Contra-parallel Pluto, Venus Sesquiquadrate Saturn, Mercury Parallel Mars -  If we limit our objective and carefully define our methods then great force can be brought to bear on our circumstances. Much can be accomplished in a short period of time.

24th – Sunday –  Be spontaneous and enjoy the ride.  There are many adventures to be had but perhaps the best way to have them is through a diversion like a movie.

25th – Monday – Sun Semi-square Uranus, Venus Square Uranus, Mars Square Neptune -  Nervous energy can drain our resources. We need to give others space to grow, even if it means being on our own.  Time spent exploring our ideal of freedom can strengthen our core beliefs....this is a season of personal growth.

26th – Tuesday – Sun Parallel Mercury - With a clear alignment of head and heart we accomplish much.  We are able to understand the motives of others which makes it easier to achieve common goals.

27th – Wednesday – Mercury Conjunct Mars, Sun Semi-square Venus -  We are energized and enthusiastic.  Our mind and mouth can get way ahead of our heart.  We need to be sensitive to other people's feelings and also tuned into our own emotional needs.

28th – Thursday – Mercury Contra-parallel Pluto - There is a hidden dimension to everything we study now...Just because something is hidden doesn't mean that we necessarily need to spend time uncovering it.  Discretion is the key to utilizing mental energy correctly.

29th – Friday – Mercury Square Neptune - Imagination runs all over a vast landscape.  Either create something of beauty or observe someone else's production.  Music, dancing, painting, writing, all artistic endeavors are favored now.

30th – Saturday – Mercury Semi-square Venus, Sun Conjunct Mercury - We are starting a new mental cycle and are offered a chance to blend many new thought processes acquired over the last three months. A new spiritual atmosphere is present and it is possible to capture a glimpse of a higher order of being.

31st – Sunday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Sun Squares Neptune - We may be greatly inspired but also very deluded.  By sifting through our fantasies we can come to understand the composition of what our Higher Self really wants for our life. This can be a moment of breaking through.

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