The Astrology Company: October 2016 Newsletter

October 2016
By Bob Mulligan
(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

Jupiter entered Libra September 9th and will be there until October 10th, 2017.  Jupiter (king of the gods) rules all rituals, ceremonies, and sense of decorum.  Jupiter tells us how things "ought" to be, what is proper.  Jupiter rules the principle of rulership and spends approximately one year in each sign, marking out the territory we know as the zodiac.  On the 18th, Venus (ruler of Libra) enters Sagittarius (Jupiter's sign); being in each other's sign they are in mutual reception, thus strengthening and reinforcing each other.  This is a unique moment; Saturn (lord of karma) in Sagittarius translates the principles of Jupiter into laws that operate mechanically, without preference or prejudice.  We see the things we espouse translated into tangible consequences. Meanwhile, Mars (god of war) Conjuncts Pluto (god of life and death) on the 19th.  This triggers a chain of events, some public, some quite hidden, that will force us all to step up and claim what we really believe. With Neptune (lord of compassion) Opposite last month's Solar Eclipse, we are asked to examine our faith. The first half of October is a time of building to a climax; the second half is to test our underlying assumptions, commitment, and resolve.

The Full Moon comes on the morning of the 16th at 12:23 AM EDT, on the 23rd degree of Libra/Aries.  With Uranus Conjunct the Aries Moon we can expect a rapid release from things unnecessary. Saturn Square the Moon's Nodes shows that we struggle with obstacles.  Being overly cautious, we try to progress in a sensible manner with our various projects.  Mars and Pluto in Capricorn Trine the Virgo North Node (which favors hard work) promises some advancement if we are diligent; isolating then energizing critical details is the winning strategy.

The Sun enters Scorpio on the 22nd at 7:46 PM EDT.  The work of Scorpio is to locate, face, then redeem the dark side of our nature; both individually and collectively. This Solar month will be intense as both Pluto and Mars (rulers of Scorpio) are close together in Capricorn (sign of laws).  With the Moon in Leo Trining Venus, we may feel overly confident that we can be successful taking our work to the next level; we are right.  However, at the beginning of this passage, we won't have a clue how much resolve and effort will be required of us.  It will be a wild ride.

The New Moon occurs on the 30th at 1:38 PM EDT 7 degrees of Scorpio.  The Nodal Axis shows where we have been (the South Node) and where we are going (the North Node).  With the North Node in Virgo (discrimination) we have to pay attention to the small, common everyday occurrences in order to develop.  This has been made a little more difficult with Neptune (lord of illusion) Conjunct the South Node.  This can encourage a dreamy avoidance of the routine chores that are necessary in order to move forward.  With Mercury (ruler of Virgo) Conjunct the New Moon and Trining the South Node while Sextiling the North Node, we are offered a way to advance.  However, this does require taking a hard look at the unredeemed parts of our own lives and be willing to take the necessary steps to transform them. This is doable, but honest effort is required.

From the 1st to the 9th balance and harmony is achieved through taking careful incremental steps forward with both work and relationships.  Love is always within reach.  Progress comes through taking several corrective steps and admitting our mistakes.

From the 10th to the 16th higher insight emerges but we have to be peaceful in order to recognize it.  Cultural events and spiritual understanding are emphasized.  Quick changes require adaptive behavior in order for us to be fully effective.

From the 17th to the 23rd relationships and their improvement are very much on our mind as every encounter supplies mental stimulation. Generally this is a pleasant week with plenty of excitement and continual rebalancing.

From 24th to the 31st a certain seriousness sets in.  We need to avoid excessive self-judgment over the many things that feel incomplete. We are given a second chance to get closer to each other.  Emotions run high and it is possible to lose our familiar grounding.  Faith can lift us up.

1st - Saturday –  Venus Trine Neptune -  Our deepest feelings can take flight.  Whatever our heart's desire is will get lots of attention.  Creativity flows but we are only able to convey a portion of what we experience.

2nd – Sunday –  Sun Quincunx Neptune, Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Sun Contra-parallel Mercury - In our need to achieve harmony and balance we can go overboard.  We can see more than we are able to communicate.  Commitments can leave us without sufficient time for things truly important. Caution and discrimination can help us keep life simple.

3rd – Monday – Venus Semi-sextile Saturn -  A healthy look at finances can keep us on a productive path.  Be willing to take small steps in the appropriate direction, even if everyone else seems to be going somewhere else.

4th – Tuesday –  Sun Sextile Saturn -  Adjusting our requirements for companionship with our higher values may take some effort.  Listening to others and then doing some honest self processing can prove a winning formula.  Write down important thoughts.

5th – Wednesday –  Venus Sextile Pluto, Mars Square Jupiter -  Powerful emotions drive our intentions.  We are fully capable of achieving our given tasks.  Problems emerge when we overstep the lines of necessity and indulge our impulses.  We can learn much about our own talents if we are observant.

6th – Thursday -  Our appetites are huge; our chances of an easy day multiply if we concentrate on the truly necessary details.  Aim high, then take a measured approach.

7th – Friday –  Mercury enters Libra, Sun Square Pluto, Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter -  It all looks good and there are so many decisions to make.  There is a mental balancing act necessary in order to achieve a sense of correctness.  This is a perfect time to check our facts and see if they support our assumptions and prejudices.

8th – Saturday –  Our resolve and energy can lead us to peak experiences.  Translating our values into useful principles for living can make us productive and satisfied. We are happiest when we allow others to have the space and courtesy they really deserve.

9th – Sunday –  Pleasure comes through creating something which is both aesthetically pleasing and useful.  Minor interruptions can add color to the day.  It is appropriate to strive for closure on some long standing obligation.  We need to be satisfied with our conclusions even when they differ from our expectations.

10th – Monday – Mercury Semi-sextile Venus -  Sharing resources can lead to mental breakthroughs.  Happiness comes to us when we acknowledge our personal limitations and reach for a higher understanding.

11th – Tuesday –  Mercury Conjunct Jupiter, Venus Semi-square Jupiter, Mars Sextile Neptune -  This is a perfect time for sharing good news and advancing a cause. It is easy to have fun while being productive.  Important friendships and love relationships can be energized.

12th – Wednesday –  Venus Quincunx Uranus, Mercury Parallel Jupiter, Mercury Quincunx Neptune -  If we can exercise our best judgment, we stay on the path of Truth.  Higher forces are at play in our lives and things unseen will influence our direction.

13th – Thursday –  Mercury Square Mars, Sun Contra-parallel Uranus -  Anger can emerge as a response to instability.  Abrupt alteration of circumstances can leave us feeling less secure.  Harmony can save the day when we fall back on familiar habits and trust the integrity of the process.

14th – Friday – Mercury Sextile Saturn - We don't have all the pieces of the puzzle right now but we can make some order from what we have.  So many recent changes can leave us  confused but we are rewarded for our efforts anyway.

15th – Saturday –  Sun Opposite Uranus, Sun Parallel Neptune, Mercury Square Pluto -  It is hard, if not impossible, to stay on a steady course.  We do ourselves a favor by staying positive and keep looking up.  Inspiration is everywhere, we must be open to take in the gifts that are being offered to us.

16th – Sunday – The Full Moon is at 12:23 AM on the 23rd degree of Libra/Aries, Mars Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Semi-square Mars - Taking our time to make others happy is a good use of energy.  There are some practical concerns that we must focus on but it doesn't have to detract from the enjoyment and excitement of the moment.

17th – Monday – Venus Parallel Saturn, Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune -  Translating desires and wishes into usable principles is problematic.  We overcome obstacles when we shake loose of fear; this is necessary in order to see what is ultimately good for us.  We need to keep our eyes on a long range vision.  Escapist fantasies are only appropriate if they light up our path.

18th – Tuesday –   Venus enters Sagittarius, Venus Semi-square Pluto, Venus Parallel Pluto -  New benefits can come to us if we can find ways of integrating our passions with the spirit of adventure.  We need to be open.  Old situations can be handled in a new way.

19th – Wednesday –  Mars Conjunct Pluto -  A great internal pressure is building to express unfulfilled desires; balance between personal and professional life is needed in order to correctly channel this energy. If we can slow down our external activity some good ideas show up.  Impulsive action detracts from productivity.

20th – Thursday – Mercury Opposite Uranus, Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus -  Changes come fast.  We have trouble assimilating new information.  Avoid arguments with people having different points of view.  Patience is most important.

21st – Friday –  Sun Semi-square Saturn, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Mercury Parallel Neptune -  Mental breakthroughs and inspiration can make this a most fulfilling day.  At the same, time we need to stay grounded in order to maintain some connection with the rest of the world.

22nd – Saturday –  Sun enters Scorpio -   We have an overwhelming need to share what we are experiencing with others.  We are adjusting to the rhythm of new perceptions.  We have choices to make.  Our expectations for the immediate future can be vast but not necessarily unrealistic. 

23rd – Sunday –  Jupiter Quincunx Neptune, Mercury Semi-square Saturn, Venus Sesquiquadrate Uranus -  Riding a wave of optimism, we are apt to take on enduring difficulties that are beyond our immediate capacity.  Logic can go out the window when we are feeling too confident. We are best off dreaming about a better life without making any promises; they can come back to bite us later.

24th – Monday – Mercury enters Scorpio - Not everything we are working on needs to be shared.  However, it is important that we establish priorities of information and get critical details to our team.

25th – Tuesday –  Venus Square Neptune - Differences of opinions may really be matters of taste.  Creating a lofty vision can be a positive worthwhile endeavor; we must be inspired ourselves if we wish to motivate others.

26th – Wednesday – Venus Sextile Jupiter -  It will take patience and a little work, but it is possible to take a significant leap forward in our interpersonal life. Relationships are always important but today's luck can "put the icing on the cake".

27th – Thursday –  Sun Conjunct Mercury, Venus Parallel Mars -  Carefully crafted attention on basic issues can heal old wounds and improve our communications.   A few, behind the scenes, negotiations can catapult our chief concerns forward.  We should count our blessings.

28th – Friday –  Mars Square Uranus -  A reckless push for completion can cause accidents and complications.  We may find our mind is in a big hurry and we need to be more peaceful in order to be satisfied with our daily accomplishments.

29th – Saturday –  Sun Parallel Mercury, Venus Conjunct Saturn -  We need caution in our most basic negotiations.  Many essential processes slow down, but they do keep moving.  Love connections can be clarified but we must find the underlying foundations of our relationships in order to make them truthful and useful.

30th – Sunday –  Mercury Trine Neptune, the New Moon is at 1:39 PM EDT on the 7th degree of Scorpio, Venus Semi-sextile Pluto -  Even though we may have starry eyed visions of new emotional possibilities, we must be sure that our ideas have a firm grounding in practical considerations if they are to have any real gravitas moving forward.  We are likely to hold out hope that our most cherished feeling will find a place in the changing world.  They will.

31st – Monday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Jupiter -  A great mystery is unraveled when we hold true to what we know and are willing to take the next step.  Incremental progress is a blessing and totally appropriate.

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As this newsletter is going out, I'm on my way to India.  For the last several years I have gone to India in the fall.  In my youth, I would make  two, three, even four trips to India in a year.  To be at the feet of my Master, Meher Baba, is the joy of my life.  I come and go at His pleasure and I'm very grateful for all that He has given me.

The San Diego trip was wonderful at many levels.  First to see Teddy, Katie, and all of my friends in Sothern California.  But also, working with clients in person is always such a treat.  My Wednesday night talk was well attended and well received.  The Saturday workshop was powerful and allowed people a deeper experience of their true spiritual potential.

In November I will give a one day workshop for NCGR in Ft. Lauderdale.  The Morning lecture "The Five Gifts of Astrology" will be followed by the afternoon workshop "Your Birth Chart as a Spiritual Guide".  Details are posted on my website and I'm happy to answer specific questions by email.  While I'm in India my email service will be sporadic.  If you write me be patient as it may take a few days to get back to you.  India is always refreshing.  October will be exciting for all of us.  I wish you the best until next month.

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