The Astrology Company: FEBRUARY 2016 Newsletter

February 2016
By Bob Mulligan
(a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

Seen from a higher perspective, the troubles of the world seem smaller now.  We have just been through a horrendous period of upheaval of both domestic and international turbulence.  The Square between Uranus (lord of revolution) and Pluto (god of life and death) is lessening, even though the effects will be with us for the rest of the year.  The Trine between Mercury (reason) and Jupiter (conscience)/ North Node of the Moon (dharma) Conjunction during the first week of February shows the need to apply our hard won practical knowledge to escape illusions and live in truth. As this aspect takes place in earth signs we will need to see tangible results for our effort. Mars (god of violence) makes a Sextile to Pluto (lord of the underworld) then the Sextile to Jupiter (king of the gods) coming to completion by the 13th; we will expend tremendous energy to manifest something we deem truly important.   The last half of February has tremendous intensity but without a clear focus.  However, relationships will be up for re-evaluation as Venus leaves Capricorn (sign of security) on the 16th and enters Aquarius (sign of freedom).  What does freedom mean? How much are we really dependent on others?  What does this tell us?

This New Moon is on the 19th degree of Aquarius on February 8th at 9:40 AM EST.  Aquarius is the sign of working in groups.  A healthy group is only possible  when it is formed around the healthy tendencies within the members.  Mars in Scorpio (sign of life and death) Squares the New Moon in Aquarius (sign of detachment) indicating we are initiating a time of great struggle between our two tendencies; the desire for change and our addiction to the familiar.  This New Moon is the beginning of the Chinese New Year which is a 60 year cycle. This is the year of yang fire monkey.  It would indicate a year of impulsiveness and intelligent creativity.  This is further confirmation the best minds in the world will be dealing with problems of incomprehensible magnitude.   The New Moon sits between and Sextiling both Saturn and Uranus.  This represents our balancing between the practical needs of humanity and our spontaneous revolutionary need for change.  This aspect will not complete until December but we can see the direction things must go at this moment.

The Sun enters Pisces  February 19th at  12:34 AM EST.  When the Sun crosses into a new sign the energy powering events changes.  The position of the Moon (the giver of life) at this moment is the most telling ingredient for the temperament on the planet during the next 30 days.  The Moon in this map is in Cancer and is applying to the Sextile of Jupiter and the Trine to Mars.  This shows ambitious activities which still cling to past forms and give us an opportunity to nail down important details. 

The Full Moon is on February 22nd  at 1:19 AM EST on the 3rd degree of Pisces/Virgo.  Each Full Moon is a crescendo, a moment where we reach an apex.  From this moment we must discard what isn't working, teach what we have learned, and prepare for the next dispensation of new energy which happen on the next New Moon. This Full Moon arrives with the Sun Conjunct Neptune (infinite bliss).  It is with some difficulty that we are able to move beyond nice feelings and platitudes and seek a better tomorrow based on a clear vision.  Jupiter Trine Pluto is an indicator that heavy forces of traditional power are moving behind the scenes to stay in a position of safety and privilege.  Uranus (god of revolution) is still Square Pluto (hidden power) so we are headed for a showdown of gigantic magnitude in the world.  In our own lives we are being prompted to separate fact from fantasy and focus on building a better world.

From the 1st to the 7th we have the wind at our backs and get an extra boost from all things positive in life.  It is a moment of decision where we either commit to something of value or we miss the opportunity entirely.

From the 8th to the 14th there is a great struggle to put our ideals into practice and to "walk our talk".   Real difficulties now are self imposed as it is our own desire (out of step with our espoused beliefs), which make the journey difficult. What are we willing to sacrifice to make a better life?

From the 15th to the 21st we are called to recalibrate our relationship patterns. It's time to check in with those special people and contribute to others' welfare as best we can.

From the 22nd to the 29th messages can come from unusual sources, dreams, strangers, news media, and chance encounters. Translating vast amounts of information into something useful can be challenging and tiring.  We do best when we punctuate our work day with some relaxation and fun.

1st – Monday – Intense feelings power the day but much can be accomplished quickly when we have our full attention on what we are doing.  Common sense gets adjusted to our deeper understanding of the truth.

2nd – Tuesday – Reality sets in and the atmosphere lights up.  It is with some difficulty that we are able to keep our attention focused on the task at hand.  Sometimes interruptions are not omens, but just interruptions. Stay the course.

3rd – Wednesday – Mars Sextiles Pluto, Sun Sextiles Saturn - Real work is inner work now.  Where possible take a break and evaluate your situation.  Rest is a great healer.

4th – Thursday – Venus Semi-sextile Saturn, Mercury Parallel Saturn -  We may crawl to the finish line and feel that we are doing it by ourselves.  Keep moving, you are not really alone, it just seems like it at times.

5th – Friday – Sun Semi-sextile Pluto, Mars Quincunx Uranus, Venus Conjunct Pluto - Alternate points of view have their place and we should take note of them.  However, we still have to follow our own intuitions and be true to our own direction.

6th – Saturday – Mercury Parallel Pluto, Sun Parallel Mars, Sun Sextile Uranus, Mercury Trine Jupiter, Venus Square Uranus -  The path is easy and we accomplish a lot in a short period of time, if we know exactly what we want.  We feel some urgency to get things done quickly.  Everything is about to change.

7th – Sunday – Sun Square Mars, Venus Sextile Mars, Sun Semi-sextile Venus -  Helping others to achieve practical goals is noble.  Being judgmental or applying too much force will be counterproductive.  We may face an uncertain future; overcoming fear and developing patience is the key to success.

8th – Monday – Mercury Semi-square Neptune, the New Moon is on the 19th degree of Aquarius at 9:40 AM EST, Mercury Parallel Pluto, Mercury Parallel Saturn - Separating fact from fiction is an important step in taking the developing project to the next level.  When we are in tune with our conscience as well as our desires we make good choices.

9th – Tuesday – Saturn Parallel Pluto - Dreams feel far removed from everyday circumstances.  Good luck comes, however, when we are narrowly focused on what needs to happen next.

10th – Wednesday – Venus Trine Jupiter, Sun Quincunx Jupiter - Overindulgence can be the downfall of the moment.  Take a certain amount of good and be satisfied with it.  New ideas are best saved for a later moment.  Do what needs to be done, then relax.

11th – Thursday –  Today can be fun but we have to guide our impulses.  Unbridled passion can be the wrong use of our enthusiasm.  Enjoy the exhilaration of the moment.

12th – Friday – Venus Semi-square Neptune - Tread lightly when dealing with others.  A minute of poor judgment can lead to later difficulties.  It is possible to quickly destroy trust that has taken a long time to build.

13th – Saturday – Venus Parallel Saturn, Venus Parallel Pluto, Mercury enters Aquarius, Mars Sextile Jupiter, Mercury Semi-square Saturn - We are putting a marker in the sand and measuring our progress.  Eliminate unneeded details then the pace of development picks up.

14th – Sunday – Slow steady progress is made by staying in well worn grooves.  Help arrives when we remain true to ourselves.

15th – Monday –  Quick action can change the dynamic in an otherwise unproductive relationship.  If we stay true to our principles while genuinely listening to others, magical things can happen.

16th – Tuesday – Venus enters Aquarius -  Looking for the lighter side of things can lift the discourse and brighten everyone's day.  Darkness evaporates when we turn on the lights.

17th – Wednesday –  Venus Semi-square Saturn - Clarification in our values may be necessary to proceed with important projects now.  We have the ability to help others and cheer up the atmosphere.  Real self-analysis may be called for.

18th – Thursday –  Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter -  We really have all we need to proceed.  A little checking of our inventory may reveal that we have much more than we assumed.

19th – Friday –  Basic chores are there to be done.  Luckily we have the energy and wherewithal to achieve relatively modest goals.   Stay basic and the day is actually fun.

20th – Saturday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune, Sun Semi-square Pluto -  We may have profound intuition but little power to persuade others of our insights.  However, recurring help to others on their tasks and commitments can solve many problems.

21st – Sunday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun Semi-square Uranus - Pleasant and unexpected changes give everyone a lift.  However, we have to see, interpret, then manifest the tincture of our insights.

22nd – Monday – Full Moon is at 1:20 PM EST-  Integrating our ideals with the practical concerns of the moment is important for making balanced all sided progress. Letting our urge for freedom have the upper hand in decision making is good, but sometimes freedom comes through fulfilling responsibilities.

23rd – Tuesday –  Unexpected information, materials, or people make our lives interesting.  Moving everything forward in our lives one piece at a time is common sense now.

24th – Wednesday – Venus Semi-sextile Neptune, Mercury Parallel Mars -  Revealing our real intentions with full disclosure in conversation can be very gratifying and healing.    Even when others are demanding, listening to their concerns can help the situation.

25th – Thursday – Mercury Sextile Saturn, Venus Parallel Mars, Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto -  Now is the time to focus on  close personal relationships and let the natural love between ourselves and others be the guide to events.  Let the light shine but be sure to aim at the foundation of what is most important.

26th – Friday – Sun Parallel Neptune, Mercury Sextile Uranus -  Dreams, hunches, and intuition can be a guiding force lifting us beyond the ordinary.  New possibilities emerge and we are able to see how to make our lives better.

27th – Saturday –  Mercury Quincunx Jupiter -  Great ideas have a way of coming unraveled if we act too quickly.  Clarification of the fact and careful checking of our methods and tools are necessary to make our new journey pleasurable.

28th – Sunday – Sun Conjunct Neptune -  Tuning in to our higher spirit is comforting and important.  Gather soul force and get higher instructions...We are emotionally more open and in an accommodating mode of action...Still we are probably better off not making any irreversible decisions now.

29th – Monday –  Venus Sextile Saturn -  There are certain friends with whom you can truly rely on.  Work with the most sturdy members of your support group and the desire for more freedom and joy will be rewarded.

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January has been a most rewarding month even though  my energy has been low.  Christmas and New Years are past history but my sister, Mary Alice,  has just come for a visit from her home in Indianapolis.  She is a Christian minister with a church, as well as a college professor.  We are close and it was wonderful having her here.

My never ending quest to do better astrology work with my clients has been amply reinforced.   For the last two and a half years I have taken a break from working in the larger astrological community, but instead focusing my attention on reading, writing, editing, all aimed at doing better work with my clients.  After 42 years of full time professional practice, reading, testing, and digesting thousands of astrology books, I'm starting to understand a few things.

Even though I continue to work on my correspondent school classes, I have not taught live classes or given a public talk for more than a year.  Using time correctly is so important.  For now, my attention has to be more focused on my inner work.

For many years I have asked my Spiritual Master, Meher Baba, if I can just be done with this life. (I've been asking him this since I was 21, I'm 67 now.)  He wants to keep me around and doing this work for a while longer.  But "I have my passport and now I'm just waiting for my visa."  To the readers of my newsletter, I want you to know that I have done my very best for you, and now I'm sending you my Love.

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