The Astrology Company: October 2014 Newsletter

by Bob Mulligan

Two Eclipses and Mercury Retrograde gives October 2014 its special flavor. The whole month is colored by a special need to develop new skills relating to others.  Traditionally, in October we turn our attention to romance as well as how we are connected with everyone in our lives. This pattern now is being lived out with a deep determination to make something new happen. Mercury turns Retrograde on 4th on the 2nd degree of Scorpio and then moves back into Libra turning direct on the 25th. Hard and absolute choices made some time back can be reevaluated.  Our attitude softens leading us to see options that have been obscured till now.  Happiness in relationships is ultimately based on self understanding.

The Full Moon on October 8th at 6:50 AM EDT is a total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th degree of Libra/Aries. Because Mars and Jupiter are Trining the Moon Conjunct Uranus on the South Node of the Moon in Aries, we will be pulled by the impulsive, immediate side of our nature. The Sun is Conjunct Venus on the North Node of the Moon in Libra offering us a path to peace and harmony in our most important relationships.  However, the Square to Pluto and the Opposition to Uranus makes it impossible for us to be impervious to the developing world difficulties. This will be an influence during the next few months. Mercury Retrograde on the first degree of Scorpio reminds us that some choices we make now can be permanent.

The Sun moves into Scorpio on the 23rd at 7:57 AM EDT. The Moon in this chart is with Mercury, the North Node of the Moon, and Venus; all in Libra and applying to the Sextile of Mars.  This shows tremendous energy going into relationships. With great effort, it is possible to bring about some fundamental change in our personal attitude towards other people.  This solar month has the energy of togetherness.

This New Moon on the 23rd at 5:56 PM EDT is an Eclipse on the very first degree of Scorpio. Venus is Conjunct the Sun and Moon; all three are Trine to Neptune.  Creativity and deep love of a transforming nature sets the tone this month but will also be an active influence for the next several years. With 50% of the chart in water (empathy) and 30% in fire (enthusiasm), we tend to be ruled by our emotions.  This is fine if our emotional energy is focused correctly.  It takes great effort to overrule rash impulses that can get us into trouble; it is best to have a mechanism in place to identify problematic feelings before they are put into action.

From the 1st to the 5th we aren't able to make firm plans as our lives seem to be in some kind of permanent flux. Important considerations impede forward movement of our consciousness.  This leads us to reevaluate various aspects of our life situation.

From the 6th to the 12th shocking revelations change the dynamic in our everyday lives. We wish to respond intelligently to changing circumstances in our path.  However, defining a clear direction for the future may be out of sync with the moment. We change plans for our immediate future; some decisions need to be postponed for a bit.

From the 13th to the 19th the path in front of us operates like a well oiled machine. There is luck and ease like we haven't seen in months.  People seem more pleasant now and we can easily acquire help for important projects. Difficulties come only from interior blocks.  There is no substitute for knowing ourselves.

From the 20th to the 26th artistic expression can reach a new height. Relationships reach a terminal point. Old wounds are cauterized; people leave, old friends come back. We create a different pattern for being with others.

From the 27th to the 31st either ideals create an upper pathway to inspire us or we retreat into a world of short sighted fantasy.  Unconscious people will just shut down now. Conscious folks benefit from these days by examining the origins of their personal beliefs.

1st – Wednesday – Internal conflict can take away from an excellent day.  Good news and many opportunities are available.  It's possible to review and change a few past decisions. We have every reason to be optimistic about our future.

2nd – Thursday – It's a perfect time to take care of business.  It is easy to focus on the very practical side of life; address basic  responsibilities and security concerns.

3rd – Friday – Venus Quincunx Neptune - Avoid being victimized by sensitivity to other people's supposed needs.  Love can be misguided but careful attention to the reality of the correct situation is most instructive.  This is a time where we can all grow in spirit.

4th – Saturday – Sun Square Pluto, Venus Semi-square Saturn, Mercury turns Retrograde, Mars Trines Uranus - We may feel very cut off from the things we value most; love, money, intimacy, etc.  However, our real frustration is lodged in internal conflict.  We may act quickly to lessen our difficulties. Changes made now tend to be more permanent, choose wisely.

5th – Sunday – Struggles disappear and limitations seem less important.  It is a good time to be at peace and enjoy the day. Meditate and let the cares of the moment pass away.

6th – Monday – Sun Contra-parallel Uranus - Nervousness is really an unrequited urge for freedom.  The need to establish independence can color all our movements.

7th – Tuesday – Sun Opposes Uranus, Mercury Semi-square Mars - Sudden changes can leave us unsettled. It is ok to be spontaneous, just be careful that new choices aren't powered by anger.  Bad actions and hash words now can be particularly troublesome as they rebound on us in a few days. Get clarity before acting or speaking.

8th – Wednesday – The Full Moon, Venus Square Pluto, Mars Trine Jupiter, Jupiter Contra-parallel Saturn - Emotions are stirred up and all matters of partnership are in the balance. What we want is not what we need.  All manipulative behavior has negative consequences.  We need to be really truthful with ourselves in order to have a modicum of sanity.  Strive for peace of mind.

9th – Thursday - Real harmony is achieved by being honest with ourselves then focusing on our highest values. Things that seemed so urgent now seem less important and our general outlook seems more positive.

10th – Friday – Mercury enters Libra, Sun Sextile Jupiter - Our spirits lift as we are able to make real progress on old problems.  Luck is with us and we can see new options in key relationships.  Appropriate self assertion brings beneficial results.

11th – Saturday – Venus Opposite Uranus - New experiences are available but at what cost? We are transforming some aspect of our key relationships.  Something in us must change in order to really grow. We are finding a new way to achieve balance.

12th – Sunday – Venus Contra-parallel Uranus - Things fall apart, but this is necessary in order to build a new foundation.  It takes time and thought in order to proceed with consistency.  Harvest the luck that is in the air by being willing to take some chances. The day belongs to the brave.

13th – Monday – Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune - It is easy to escape into fantasy but it is better to spend time clarifying our faith and values. What do we believe in and why? Self knowledge comes through gathering more information and being willing to examine past decisions.

14th – Tuesday – Venus Sextile Jupiter - Every relationship can get a boost today.  We are smart to select where we focus our attention because this will be our area of expanse. We need to look toward what we want and avoid thinking about what we don't want.

15th – Wednesday – Sun Sextile Mars, Sun Semi-sextile Saturn, Mars Semi-sextile Saturn, Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune - There is a well trod road laid out in front of us today. However, there is also an alternate route calling us. When we choose correctly there is no difference between the practical and the ideal.

16th – Thursday – Sun Conjunct Mercury, Mercury Parallel Neptune, Mercury Sextile Mars - Mental activity can make this a very interesting day. So much energy goes into trying to do the same old thing; now is the time to have the courage to innovate. Be willing to put energy behind the spoken word.

17th – Friday – Venus Semi-Sextile Saturn, Mercury Conjunct Venus, Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn, Sun Parallel Mercury - Reevaluate ways of communicating. We need introspection to see if our thinking is truly in agreement with what we are saying. Do our words convey our true thoughts? Are we being honest with ourselves? Ask important questions.

18th – Saturday – Putting forth our genuine desires will allow us to see what is truly important.  Through real effort we can separate the practical from the grandiose. Progress is possible in every male-female relationship.

19th – Sunday – Mercury Parallel Venus, Mercury Sesqui-quadrate Neptune - A vague dissatisfaction prompts us to look for a higher expression of our love nature. We can see a new paradigm allowing us to be inspired by our ideal. Strive to be more loving.

20th – Monday – Venus Sextile Mars, Sun Parallel Neptune, Mercury Sextile Jupiter - Planting our feet on solid ground may be difficult, but this is the way that dreams unfold in a realistic and achievable manner. We can communicate our thoughts with great enthusiasm and make others understand if we have done our homework. "Know what you are talking about first, then you can say whatever you want."

21st – Tuesday – Staying balanced means being able to move forward with grace and ease.  Enjoy a little bit of peace as the major turbulence has momentarily quieted.

22nd – Wednesday – Escalating paths of information can keep us on our toes as we try to integrate all the new input.  Radical new ideas and overwhelming impulses have to be integrated or ignored if we are to be true to ourselves.  Our ethical intuitions and reasoning are in alignment; we have to follow our common sense as well as our deeply held values if we are to plant our feet on firm soil.

23rd – Thursday – Sun enters Scorpio, Venus Parallel Neptune, Venus enters Scorpio, the New Moon is at 5:57 PM at 0 degrees of Scorpio - We become transformed in a single day as our energy changes from harmony to deep definition.  A new seriousness enters the world and we separate our experience into categories of black and white. We progress by living life in absolutes and extremes.

24th – Friday – Our emotional impulses are quite strong and we are pushed by many conflicting desires. We are putting the finishing touches on our personal mental reorganization. We need to get right with ourselves if we are to profit from the flood of new energy and information which is approaching.

25th – Saturday – Sun Conjunct Venus, Mercury turns Direct - We are finishing up some long standing project and moving on to new territory. We get a different perspective; there are some haunting qualities emerging in our key relationships. Our close partners reflect what is in our own hearts.  We must deal effectively with our own unconscious thoughts as they emerge.

26th – Sunday – Mars enters Capricorn - It's a good time to slow down and take stock of where we have been. The path behind us does not have to describe the way in front of us. However, we must note what led us to the place we are in now.

27th – Monday – Venus Trine Neptune - If we are diligent we can see an opportunity to express the joy and beauty we experience inwardly. This is a day of creation. Emotional events are at the extreme. Concentration on higher values helps alleviate material world frustrations.

28th – Tuesday – Sun Trine Neptune - In the process of taking a stand on our own personal truth, we need to be mindful that other people in the world hold different values and are just as committed to their truth as we are to our own.

29th – Wednesday – Even though we receive a direct confluence of alternating energy encouraging us to switch tracks, for the moment, progress lies in the path directly in front of us.  Traditional approaches to problems are most helpful. Don't be afraid of repeating an old pattern, just keep moving.

30th – Thursday – Some spontaneous innovation can help us see the virtue and fallacy in our standard methods of problem solving.  Introspection and experimentation brings us progress and new insight.

31st – Friday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Neptune - Our desire to expand our own area of experience can lead us into a fantasy world. Meditation and a calm inner world is better. Idealism in relationship to other people had better be real or we are setting ourselves up for an immense disappointment. Living out of our real self is the only safeguard to avoid delusion. This is a time of exploring higher levels of consciousness.

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