The Astrology Company: November 2015 Newsletter

November 2015
By Bob Mulligan
(A personal note is included at the end of the newsletter)

November is a month of simplification, consolidation, and turning inward.  This year has two themes encapsulated by two aspects operating as archetypes underlying currents of the month.  We start the first of them clarifying and invigorating our relationship shown with Venus Conjunct Mars on the 2nd.  Our passions are stirred up.  This can be passion for life, work, the future, as well as for relating to others, as the defining aspects take place in Virgo (sign of analysis). Our interest in relationships continues through the 13th with the Contra-parallel between Venus and Mars. After this our attention shifts toward our month's second theme which is the test of loyalty.  These are circumstances surrounding our commitments.  There are two paths in front of us.  Are we looking for the quick traditional fix, or are we capable of adhering to a higher value?  We can't have both; there is a conflict.  This theme starts here but will continue for another year. The archetypical indicator of this conflict is the Saturn Square Neptune becoming exact on the 25th.  During the second two weeks of November, Saturn asserts his corrective influence, forcing us to choose between two very different forces in our lives.  We are encouraged to embrace our ideals, shown by Neptune in Pisces, against the judgments of conventional wisdom and society, shown by Saturn in Sagittarius.  It is a month of fine tuning; we refine relationships and recommit to higher principles.

New Moon in on the 19th degree of Scorpio on November 11th at 12:47 PM EST. This New Moon asks us to abolish our worn out patterns of behavior and take reasonable measured steps to put our lives on a new foundation. Pluto (ruler of Scorpio is in Capricorn (sign of basic organization) and is separating from a Trine to Jupiter (the big administrator).  This is showing us that we already have the tools needed for the eminent changes we are facing.

Sun enters Sagittarius on the 22nd at 10:26 AM EST.  The most outstanding ingredient in this chart is the Moon applying to the Conjunction of Uranus and her Opposition to Venus.  Because the Moon is in Aries it shows the public's general mood is apt to change quickly and move toward demanding radical change. Mass attitudes will shift during the next 30 days as more and more people are dissatisfied with the status quo.  In our personal lives there will be challenges to our primary relationships and there will be sudden shifts in loyalties.  With Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) in Virgo and Mercury (our mental life) Conjunct both Sun (personal identity) and Saturn (planet of restraint) it is wise to make changes carefully, incrementally, and with confidence.

The Full Moon is on the 25th at 5:44 PM EST on the 3rd degree of Sagittarius/Gemini.  With Saturn and Mercury Conjunct the Sun and all of them Square Neptune, we can see that our traditional approach to life is being altered.  With Neptune (lord of culture) Squaring the Full Moon we are prompted by our higher virtues to get clear in our thinking.  As Mars (desire) is Quincunx Neptune from Libra (sign of appeasement) we have difficulty seeing how to implement a new way when we are committed to following a well worn, established, and universally accredited path in front of us. We are confronted with choices between habit and opportunity.

From the 1st to the 8th relationships, especially romantic ones, will seem to be a dominant ingredient in our lives.  Lots of new options and opportunities present themselves.  We need to keep focused on our higher insights to get some real stability while interacting with others.

From the 9th to the 15th fortunate events give us relief from everyday stress.  We magnify the pleasantness by bringing forethought to our decisions.  Get rid of what doesn't work; create more space, then our luck multiplies.

From the 16th to the 22nd we seem to be at our limit and good news seems to evaporate.  Consistent and dutiful work does not have to be "hard work".  Skimming the surface or ignoring real responsibilities will not help.  Hanging on to our dreams is very important even when they seem unobtainable.

From the 23rd to the 30th there is so much goodness available for us.  We need to keep an eye on the regular details, but interruptions can present new opportunities; they are within reach.  We can't avoid making a commitment one way or another to our own future.  We are at the crossroads.

1st – Sunday – Mercury Parallel Neptune - We are on the edge of expectation.  Big decisions need to be made.  What do we keep and what do we discard?  Relationships dominate our thinking.

2nd – Monday – Mercury enters Scorpio, Venus Conjuncts Mars - Decisions are already made.  The die is cast and we are established on our path.  Passion are strong.  Tell the people you love how much you care.

3rd – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-square Jupiter - It is easy to promise more than we can deliver and to expect more than can happen.  Joy comes by being practical and correcting our course of action in motion.

4th – Wednesday – Mercury Semi-sextile Saturn - Taking the time to review some familiar concepts can reveal some new truths.  We move slowly forward but with a cautious eye. Overcoming fear allows us to express our real feelings.

5th – Thursday - Jupiter Quincunx Uranus, Sun Sextile Pluto - Sudden breakthroughs allow us to experience a new freedom when we have done our homework.  Changes in current circumstances can leave us all a little unbalanced.

6th – Friday – Mercury Trine Neptune - Inspiration abounds.  We need to deal with many routine matters but swift progress can be made when we put our whole attention onto the project at hand.

7th – Saturday – We have feelings which are difficult to put into words.  Love emerges when we don't take discretion as criticism.

8th – Sunday – Venus enters Libra - We find harmony when we are able to allow the goodness all around us to manifest.  We have to adjust our balance to accommodate the continuing change of circumstances.

9th – Monday – Sun Quincunx Uranus - Unresolved issues from the past can suddenly reappear in the guise of something new. Innovative strategies bring results. Determination to a principle rather than a particular course of action is a beneficial attitude.

10th – Tuesday – Mercury Sextile Pluto, Mercury Semi-square Mars, Sun Sextile Jupiter - Harnessing both our mental life and desires toward something productive unfolds a new layer of creativity.  Happiness comes by simplifying our demands on others and enjoying the process of reform.

11th – Wednesday – The New Moon is at 12:48 PM EST on the 19th degree of Scorpio - Beginning a new course of action means giving up our old ways.  We need to preserve what has served us well, and at the same time be willing to allow ourselves to graduate into a new class of being. 

12th – Thursday – Mercury Quincunx Uranus, Mars enters Libra - Our plans get interrupted by things out of our control.  Information is unavailable for things impacting our day. Be kind to others for they are also driving without a map.  Everyone's terrain is changing.

13th – Friday – Venus Sextile Saturn, Mercury Sextile Jupiter, Venus Contra-parallel Mars - It's a day of finality.  We receive fair treatment from others even though our passions are stirred up and we may want more.  However, this is a time of discovery about ourselves and about life.  Awaking to a new reality should be inspiring.

14th – Saturday – Venus Quincunx Neptune - We may see more that we can express.  Our desire for harmony may be at the expense of common sense.  It may be worthwhile doing a reality check to make sure that the sacrifices we make for others are really useful and needed.  It a time for evaluation.

15th – Sunday – "Steady as she goes."  Rest and relaxation are the order of the day.  There are a few things that need to be taken care of in order to be prepared for the next few days, but this should not detract from the peace of the moment.

16th – Monday –  Sun Parallel Mercury - We must be certain that our intentions are clearly conveyed.  It is easy to be so subjective now that others don't understand what we offer them.  We get clearer when we pay attention to how others hear what we say.

17th – Tuesday – Mercury Semi-square Venus, Sun Conjunct Mercury, Sun Semi-square Venus -  We explore and experiment with new thoughts and feelings.  It is difficult to get consensus and to have our head and heart operating on the same channel.  We are scouting ahead and looking for a new possible way of being.

18th – Wednesday – Neptune turns Retrograde, Mercury Parallel Saturn - We look for ways of being more effective in our work.  Best to share plans and to welcome revisions as new information comes in.

19th – Thursday – Mercury Semi-square Pluto -  Looking deep inside ourselves allows us to develop a new strategy for living.  Secret thoughts come to the surface and we find a way to build a new is a time of planning for the long haul.  Implementation is some distance away.

20th – Friday – Sun Parallel Saturn, Mercury enters Sagittarius, Venus Square Pluto -  It is both a time of caution and looking to the future.  Controlling negative emotions can emerge through our willingness to listen to others and finding value in their point of view.

21st – Saturday – Mercury Sesquiquadrate Uranus - Amidst interruptions, confusion, and outright chaos, there is a few gems of real wisdom.  If we are able to respond intelligently to the changing landscape of our lives, we will be lifted to new insight.

22nd – Sunday – Sun enter Sagittarius -  Paying attention to dreams and premonitions can help us understand the workings of our own inner lives.  We are in a year where necessary details bump up against the revolutionary flavor of current events.  Smart people take the time to handle the minute ingredients that can hold us back if not dealt with in a forth right manner.

23rd – Monday – Venus opposite Uranus, Venus Contra-parallel Jupiter - Yippy! Sudden breakthroughs carry us on a new adventure.  Yes, not all the pieces fit.  We will have to wake up in the morning and do some repair work; but what the heck, we deserve some fun.

24th – Tuesday – Mars Sextile Saturn, Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus, Mars Quincunx Neptune, Mercury Conjunct Saturn - It's time to slow down and take stock of where we are going.  The concerns of everyday life can easily misdirect our attention to necessary but unimportant details.  Focus on long term objectives to be successful.

25th – Wednesday – Mercury Square Neptune, Mercury Sextile Mars, the Full Moon is on the 3rd degree on Sagittarius/ Gemini at 5:44 PM EST -  For many, travel plans may go awry.  Be prepared to do things without the normal support.  We are being challenged to live from a higher foundation of truth.

26th – Thursday – Saturn Square Neptune, Venus Contra-parallel Uranus, Venus Semi-sextile Jupiter -   If we make the changes that are necessary then we receive real luck and abundance.  Underneath the big comprehensive changes in the world we can have our private lives humming along with good news at every turn. We just have to be willing to accept what is offered.

27th – Friday – Sun Parallel Pluto - We may not immediately be aware of how dramatically we have changed in the last few months, but we can see it reflected in people around us.  An investment in our own future is worth making now.

28th – Saturday – Venus Sesquiquadrate Neptune, Venus Semi-square Saturn -  Decisions need to be made and we may feel frustrated as both obligations and visions of a better life pull on us. Anger can emerge as we confront the limitations of time.  Remember, a little progress is better than none at all.

29th – Sunday –  Sun Square Neptune, Mercury Semi-sextile Pluto, Sun Conjunct Saturn - Confusion may end when we ground our actions in the practical needs of the moment.  We promote our long term good by focusing on things we can achieve now.

30th – Monday – Overwhelming confidence and a feeling of synthesis carries us to new heights.  We need more rest than we allow ourselves; this is a good moment to take a little time away from all the excitement.

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On a personal note I wanted to say that recovering from my recent travels has taken more time than I thought. Since moving on the 22nd of July, I have worked on simplifying my life.  Major projects are moving along swiftly:  being a good father to my children, growing spiritually, improving my professional skills, seeing clients, writing my newsletter, finishing the book on Using Astrology for Spiritual Development, editing the correspondence material.  There are several other projects that are on hold until my recent book is done.  Many other projects and interests have been eliminated as there is just not enough time to complete them in this lifetime.  If you have thoughts about my newsletter, share them with me.  What do you find helpful?  What do you always read? What do you never read?  In the coming months I may make some changes if I hear from you.

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